New Addition to My Memorabilia Shelf: Taylor Hall

Christmas has come and Mrs. Claus brought me some Christmas gifts. I was able to open most of them, including a box of 2011-12 Panini Score hockey in which I will be reviewing soon. But I got something that even beats a box of cards…

Sorry for the bright lights but the case has a mirror behind it.

My newest addition is actually my first autographed puck that I own as well my first Taylor Hall autograph. The autograph is nice and clean in gold ink and isn’t across the team logo so it actually looks even better.

See that link to on the right sidebar? She bought it from there and has been buying memorabilia for me from there and it’s all really quality stuff, so make sure you click that link over there and check them out.

An awesome Christmas gift makes an awesome Christmas. I hope everyone else had an awesome Christmas like myself.

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One Response to New Addition to My Memorabilia Shelf: Taylor Hall

  1. Matt G says:

    Nice pickup! Taylor Hall will have one great career!

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