State of the Blog: Year of 2011

My fellow sports card enthusiasts,

April 23, 2011 is the day I started this blog. This past 8 months has been a great ride. We have one sponsor aboard with Panini who is providing us product to review. We have had a giant promotion with Panini as well giving out a ton of cool prizes. We are currently in talks with Upper Deck and I will be shooting off more emails soon to others. We have also previewed pretty much every product available since we’ve started, we’ve talked about several different on-going topics in the hobby, and we’ve still updated every day since day 1.

With all that work we have amassed a large readership that seems to just grow larger and larger each month. We broke the 10,000 views in a month two months ago and it just keeps growing each month by the thousands.

When I started the blog I wanted to be a place that talked about products and reviewed products. I wanted to be able to give out cards from products as well, because besides me, what’s better than giving new products away so other collectors can check them out? I wanted to be kind of a one stop shop for all that information.

I was told that I probably shouldn’t attempt that when I first had the idea almost 2 years ago now and that it would probably be a waste of time, especially if I wanted to make money off advertising and all that. Well, I haven’t made much money but that’s not the goal right now. What I have made has gone right back into the site to pay for hosting.

But now we have been around 8 months and we are heading into 2012. I predict 2012 will be a big year, not only for myself in my personal life, but for the blog I enjoy spending time on as well.

I thank you all for reading what I write and spending time here. I hope you’ve learned something or maybe I’ve helped you decide whether a product was right for you or not.

With that, what would you like to see added or improved upon? What don’t you like? Where would you like to see this blog go?

I want input and what better way to get this site further then to ask those who read it. If you don’t want to post it here, you can always email me.

So again, thank you and I look forward to 2012. I hope you’ll all be here reading and having fun with me.


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One Response to State of the Blog: Year of 2011

  1. Matt G says:

    I think you should keep things the way they are. This is an awesome blog to come and speak your mind and ours as well. And great product previews for us and great reviews. I hope companies continue to sponsor you. And congrats on a great 2011 on here and in your personal life.

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