Preview: 2011 Topps Bowman Sterling Football

Topps is coming out with it’s next higher end football product this season with 2011 Bowman Sterling football. Well, maybe it has already come out as I have seen box breaks of the product but I have the release date as December 14th which is tomorrow. I thought I had time but we’re coming out with our preview anyway.

Every 5 card pack of Bowman Sterling comes with 2 rookie cards, 1 autographed card, and 2 relic cards. That is just per pack. There are 6 packs per box of this product so there are a ton of hits for you hit collectors out there. Every box will give you 12 rookie cards, 4 autograph cards, 2 autographed relic cards, 12 relic cards, and 1 dual relic box topper. I’m stoked that Topps has brought a box topper to this product as you may have read my post earlier this month wanting companies to bring those back out there.

Every autographed card comes in 6 refractor versions while the autographed relics come in 5 refractor versions. This product has both veterans and rookies so it looks like it would be my type of product and I’m picky about my products.

You will also be able to find dual, triple, quad, and 6 autographed rookies including the new pulsar refractor dual rookie autographed relics. Why Topps chose to create a new refractor is beyond me, but it looks pretty cool from the sell sheet photos.

This product appears to be out a bit earlier then I had on my schedule so check out your local store where you should be able to find this product for around $260.

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