Review: 2011-12 Upper Deck Series I Hockey

Series I hockey. Upper Deck’s flagship product. What other flagship product out there has base rookie cards that go for the amount of money Upper Deck’s Young Guns go for? What other product period has something like that? Right now, the “Nuge” Young Guns are hitting $80-$100. Did I pull one? Did I pull another great rookie? Time to find out.



Game Used:

Young Guns:


I don’t know what it is this year Upper Deck has done differently, but I’m not huge on the design. I do love the full bleed pictures and love the photography. But the oval design with the abstract lines across the bottom kind of turn me off. The Young Guns don’t look as good as year’s past, but I find them pretty average in general. That doesn’t change the value though! Oh, and the UD Canvas cards are very, very nice looking and I like that it was made an insert set. That Lundy is just a gorgeous picture of MSG.


The checklist is very nice as well. A huge base set for a flagship brand is great. Tons of Young Gun rookies for you to get your hands on of some of the best rookies in the league. There is also a solid checklist of game used jerseys that are found in every box. My only gripes are the checklist on the Hockey Heroes insert set and the rare to find autograph checklist. Not bad though, not bad at all.


A ton of packs for about $60. A bunch of possibly extremely valuable rookies and the potential for some rare autographs of some great players and just as rare patches and other case hits. It’s exactly what you want in a flagship product and I think it has pretty good value. I would love to have an increased odds of an autograph by subtracting the jersey cards, but that’s just me. Otherwise, solid all around as far as value goes.


Overall, this is probably the best flagship product out there covering any sport. While the design has been better in recent years, it still looks great with the great photography and full bleed photos.  The checklist is always full of your favorite veterans along with some of the best rookies of the year. Speaking of those rookies, they hold more value then any other base rookie out there in a similar product and that’s a great thing. While you also get two jerseys a box with a rare autograph here and there, I’d like to see maybe a jersey phased out and throw in a higher chance at an autograph. We all know that game used jerseys are overdone nowadays and autographs are really where it’s at now.

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6 Responses to Review: 2011-12 Upper Deck Series I Hockey

  1. Matt G says:

    For me, this product is about the young guns. And like you said, jerseys are overdone, so if you dont get an auto you have to hope on the young guns. I didn’t realize this product only yields one hit. ouch.

  2. james croft says:

    I agree that the product is one of the best out there. I will say this about the jersey cards. They now have different levels of scarcity, so there is definitely value in these now. As an example, the Gretzky jersey is going for $100, as are a few others.
    P.S. – I also LOVE the Young gun canvas version.

  3. TMLsniper says:

    Just pulled the Gretzky autograph signature sensations card, anyone know the value ? He is wearing a rangers jersey.

  4. shawn norman says:

    I collect Hockey, i hope i am the lucky one to get some of these. I like this product.

  5. Harry Patterson says:

    Usual ud worthless junk Yg that cant be sold or traded. Most sell for $2-$3 if that and 2 ugly mostly 1 color jerseys just the usual junk,

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