Review: 2011 Topps Chrome Football

Well, I broke down and decided to try my luck with some 2011 Topps Chrome football. I saw all the great things that a ton of people had to say about the product and I decided that I wanted to try and review it myself. So I ordered a box with some money I put together and have a review for you guys. I picked this up for about $100 bucks so let’s see what we got.






I really can’t say enough about the design. Again, Topps has put out a product that looks really great. They have done that alot with this year’s products which is a good thing. The things Topps needs to work on, in general, is content. But that’s besides the point. This product looks fantastic. Very clean design, nice borders, nice photos, and the refractors look really good. I love the look of the sepia tone refractors myself. The inserts are solid and I enjoy the Bowman Chrome design as well. Oh yeah, everyone knows I love die-cuts so the atomic refractors are great too. Nice and sparkly as well! Pretty. Not that I’m taking points off this, but I opened this up last night and I swear I can still smell the Chrome finish on my hands…ew. Can’t we get strawberry scented Chrome finish?


The checklist is solid. There are a ton of nice autographs to be had in either regular or paralleled form. But the thing for me is that they are rookie autographs. I would like to see at least a better possibility of pulling a bonus autograph and having it be a nice veteran autograph. Why can’t we see a few other autographs thrown in there? I mean, it’s already up to over $100 a box…I know the rookie class is good but that changes the decision on whether buying this is a good idea or not.


That leads us here to value. The prices has rocketed up on this product, but for good reason. The rookie class is doing great this year and people want to find rare cards of these rookies. This is a great product to find it, but it suffers from the same problem we find in baseball. So many parallels. These parallels effect the value in a negative light, especially if you start pulling parallels of rookies no one cares about or ride the pine. A nice cut down on the number of parallels would be nice and I go back to wanting a chance at a veteran autograph as well. The rookie patch autographs are nice and rare, but again, I don’t want a product where the only hits are rookies when there are veteran base and parallels as well. Oh, don’t get rid of the superfractor though, they are beautiful and are worth a pretty penny.


Overall though, I had a ton of fun opening this product. It just leaves a little tiny bit to be desired in the checklist and value portions. Otherwise, this is a great product which I can see being the rookie card everyone wants to get every season like Bowman Chrome is to baseball. The cards look sharp in all their parallel forms, but maybe try and get a few more on-card signatures. If Panini can do it, anyone can. I would like to see a little more work put in the value, but there already is some great value if you pull the right players and they seem to hold value pretty well. I’m going to harp on this again though, I would like to see some veteran hits. Good work Topps.

The video will be here when I get a chance to upload it.

Still looking for my first Cam Newton card of the year…


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5 Responses to Review: 2011 Topps Chrome Football

  1. I managed to get in before the price rocketed up and pulled a Cam Newton Patch Auto that I sold for $625. It was an unbelievable pull. Love the product but I’m not sure about it’s value when boxes are over $100. With only one autograph and tons of crappy players in the checklist, I think that many boxes can be terrible. The cards are beautiful, but it’s pretty easy to pick up any singles and build a rainbow for much less than a box’s price.

    • Definitely the truth. It’s not Topps’ fault that the price jumped though, it’s just a lot of people are opening the product. I can’t fault them with that one. And yeah, there are some crappy players on the checklist, but that’s the way it is with all products at the original price. Should of just picked up a box to review earlier when it was released, oh well.

  2. Matt G says:

    To be honest, I wouldn’t even pay 75 for a hobby box. Way to risky for a product that comes with only one hit. And I have seen so many great pulls on different forums from the blasters, when it comes to this product, thats the way to go. Even with Topps platinum. I got 3 auto hits in 4 blasters with it. I bought 4 Topps Chrome blasters on black friday and got them for 60 bucks. Got 2 Cam newtons rookies, a demarco murray purple refractor, a blue refractor of Arian Foster and a ton of other good refractors. I didn’t hit any auto, but i have seen others get Cams, Ingrams, etc. Your break wasn’t bad, but your hit was of a no name auto. But anything with refractors, a chrome feel, I am always going to buy.

  3. Chris M says:

    The reason everyone wants this is there’s so much you can hit. I love looking for the SP cards, the diiiferent refractors, etc… I wish Panini would add something like short prints to their products. I have only hit garbage rookies in all thier products. Topps Chrome = black refractor Blaine Gabbert auto. Panini Crown Royale and Certified = Jordon Toddman auto… geeze!

    • Panini does have “short prints” in the form of variations in some products. Same with this product.

      However, you can’t compare Topps Chrome vs. Crown Royale. Certified is a much closer product, but then again, it may just be your luck. I’ve seen some awesome cards come out of Certified.

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