More COMC Pickups – Sparkly!

I love sparkly cards. Maybe I have an underlying diagnosis of….oooh pretty.

So here are some sparkly cards that I picked up from COMC in my last shipment to my house.

The first card is of a dynamic Red Sox slugger that is new to Bean-Town. Oh so sparkly! And Red Sox colors too!

The second is another Red Sox, but again, another of my favorite player, Jon Lester! This one is sparkly and was only found in redemption packs from Topps Series I.

I had another sparkly card, but it was die-cut, so it has got to wait until I show off a couple of the die-cut cards I grabbed. Until next time!

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One Response to More COMC Pickups – Sparkly!

  1. Matt G says:

    Cool pickups…even though they are Red sox :)
    The Adrian Gonzalez looks great. I have never seen cards like these.

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