Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest Week 11 Finale

I haven’t tabulated the scores from Thanksgiving yet, but I wanted to make sure that I got this finale up in time for everyone to make their picks. This is going to be similar to last week, but with a little twist. You will be able to make your guesses completely up to you.

So this week is like this, you pick a player and guess their stat line. The only rule is that the player must be a starter and must be a top 10 player at that position. You can find a list of the top players here on

Here are the positions and points:

QB: (+3 within  20 yards, +1 within 50 yards)

RB: (+3 within 10 yards, +1 within 30 yards)

WR: (+3 within 10 yards, +1 within 30 yards)

TE: (+3 within 10 yards, +1  within 20 yards)

K: (+3 within 5 yards, +1 within 10 yards) *Doesn’t matter kicker, as long as starter

DEF: (+3 within 2 tackles, +1 within 4)

TEAM: (+3 within 4 points, +1 within 8 points) *Any team playing on Sunday/Monday

I will be tabulating the scores for Thanksgiving shortly and will announce the winner along with this winner on Tuesday. As well as the grand prize and monthly prize winners as well. Oh, and a thank you giveaway should occur on Tuesday or Wednesday too. So thank you all for visiting the official NFL Player of the Day website and joining in on this promotion. If you haven’t visited yet, please make sure you visit that site and check it out for me!

Oh, and the winner will receive the final NFL Player of the Day t-shirt and card set.

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18 Responses to Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest Week 11 Finale

  1. Matt G says:

    Well…thanks again for running one great promotion. Really hoping for a great finale. Really aimed to be the monthly winner but its going to take one great weekend. I assume by statline you only wanted the yardage amount, tackles, fg and not whole statline. Thanks again and good luck everyone!!

    QB: Cam Newton 245 yards
    RB: Lesean Mccoy 110 yards
    WR: Mike Wallace 75 yards
    TE: Rob Growkonski 55 yards
    K: John Kasey 49 yards
    DEF: London fletcher 6 tackles
    TEAM: new orleans 27 pts

  2. KJ Lamb says:

    QB Big Ben Roethlisberger 330 YDS
    RB Arian Foster 134 YDS
    WR Mike Wallace 130 YDS
    TE Jimmy Graham 90 YDS
    K Mike Nugent 47 YDS
    DEF Curtis Lofton 7 TCKLS
    Pittsburgh 31 PTS

    Thanks a bunch to both you and Panini for such a great contest. I have enjoyed myself(except for the nearly 2 weeks that I had no internet….my hopes of the grand prize went up in smoke). Good luck to everyone this final contest weekend!

  3. Shane.K says:

    QB: Cam Newton 303 yards
    RB: Arian Foster 118 yards
    WR: Mike Wallace 83 yards
    TE: Jimmy Graham 71 yards
    K: John Kasey 50 yards
    DEF: Curtis Lofton 6 tackles
    TEAM: Pittsburgh 27 pts
    Thanks for this contest – I believe the POD is great publicity for your site. I’m not even an NFL fan at all – Just College and CFL, but the act of making picks to win prizes intrigues me, and I actually won a weekly prize. I’ve been a faithful follower every week, so I hope SCB gets recognition from Panini! Great Job!

    • Thanks! I thought making a game out of it would be more fun and get people more interested then just a standard giveaway. As I said, if Panini chooses me as the best promotion, there will be more fun to be had.

  4. Weirdmaniac says:

    QB: Drew Brees 326 yards
    RB: Arian Foster 94 yards
    WR: Mike Wallace 89 yards
    TE: Jimmy Graham 88 yards
    K: Stephen Gostkowski 42 yards
    DEF: D’Qwell Jackson 9 tackles
    TEAM: Jacksonville 10 points

    I think this is what you are asking for… if not let me know. And thanks for all these contests! I haven’t won anything yet but they have been a lot of fun. This might be my week because if I do well I might win the November prize! Thanks again and I hope we can do this again next year.

  5. Evan says:

    QB: Tom Brady 337 yards.
    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew 95 yards.
    WR: Wes Welker 112 yards.
    TE: Jimmy Graham 87 yards.
    K: Ryan Succop 42 yards.
    Def: Pat Angerer 9 tackles.
    Team: Chiefs 7 points

  6. PatrickP says:

    QB – Drew Brees 351
    RB – Arian Foster 122
    WR – Steve Smith 121
    TE – Jimmy Graham 89
    K – Sebastian Janikowski 56
    Def – NaVorro Bowman 8
    Team – New Orleans Saints 34

  7. Biggie168 says:

    QB: Cam Newton 225 yards
    RB: Lesean Mccoy 105 yards
    WR: Steve Smith 75 yards
    TE: Rob Growkonski 60 yards
    K: Sebastian Janikowsky 45 yards
    DEF: London Fletcher 7 tackles
    TEAM: new orleans 37 pts

  8. Michael G. says:

    You rock! I hope Panini picks you as the best promotion. I’ve seen a couple others but none are as interactive as yours. Thanks a bunch. I missed Thanksgiving and was too busy with my family. I hope that doesn’t hurt me too much going into this last one.

    QB: Tom Brady – 350 yards
    RB: Arian Foster – 75 yards
    WR: Wes Welker – 110 yards
    TE: Jimmy Graham – 85 yards
    K: Sebastian Janikowski – 50 yards
    D: London Fletcher – 8 tackles
    TEAM: Chiefs – 7 points

  9. Biggie168 says:

    Thanks for letting me take part.. I had lots of fun making my picks every week. Hope we can do it again next year!!

  10. RJ Reyes says:

    QB: Cam Newton 325
    RB: Matt Forte 112
    WR: Mike Wallace 97
    TE: Gronkowski 75
    K : J. Casey 48
    D: London Fletcher 9 tks
    Team: Panthers Score 24 pts (Didn’t know if this was what you wanted….)

  11. Harley Edwards says:

    QB: Cam Newton 313
    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew 119 yards
    WR: Larry Fitzgerald 122 yards
    TE: Jimmy Graham 77 yards
    K: Robbie Gould 48 yards
    DEF: James Anderson (Carolina) 7 tackles
    Team: Steelers 30 points

    This has been great fun! Thank you for the contests and thank Panini for the available prizes! Congrats to all the winners and good luck to everyone this week!

  12. Evan says:

    For tackles is it solo tackles or total and assisted tackles together?

  13. Matt G says:

    Just another awful week for me. Guess wont be taking home this week or month lol. Hopefully I can win one of those grab bags. They sound very awesome .

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