It’s a Panini Black Friday at Your Local Shop

Bored while your wife or significant other is shopping on Black Friday? Getting tired because you’ve been up since midnight grabbing as many deals as you can? Well power up with some Red Bull and head over to your local card shop, ‘cuz Panini said so.

That’s right, Panini wants you at your local hobby shop this Black Friday. With their promotion for Black Friday, they are looking to help out the card shops and help out collectors who shop at those card shops with free Black Friday packs of cards. That’s right, free Black Friday packs.

What is in these packs you ask? Super Bowl game memorabilia cards. Pro Bowl game memorabilia cards. Autographs. Oh, and of course some base style cards as well.

It’s very cool to see what Panini has in store for these Super Bowl cards. Game used pylons are embedded into some of these cards from possibly the biggest sporting event of the year in the United States.

The Pro Bowl additions are pretty nice as well. I mean, you will not hit any scrubs from that roster of players right there.

So make sure you head to your local card shop the day after you feast on some turkey and football for a new after Thanksgiving tradition, Panini Black Friday football.

If you haven’t checked out these blog posts from Panini, you’re missing out about the promotion and there are a ton of pictures and posts to read through, just check these out.

The initial details

A Panini Black Friday part 2

A Panini Black Friday part 3

With More Cards

And More Cards

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One Response to It’s a Panini Black Friday at Your Local Shop

  1. Matt G says:

    these are very sick cards! been drooling over them every time panini posts more pics. Too bad i dont live near a shop. I know you can get em online as well.
    The Pylon cards are the best! Pieces from the super bowl rocks!

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