Panini HRX Returns For 2011 Panini Totally Certified Football

The Panini HRX video trading card will make a return from it’s debut in 2010 Totally Certified basketball and will be featured in this year’s new 2011 Totally Certified football product.

With secondary sales of these groundbreaking video trading cards by Panini hitting great highs, the amount of hype surrounding the football version is starting to get some talk around the hobby forums. You either loved or hated the original video trading cards, but there is no denying what kind of value they bring on the secondary market.

These video trading cards can be found in non-autographed versions, autographed versions, and the 1 of 1 autographed version. They are extremely rare pulls and come in redemption form to protect the buyers from over-eager pack searchers and hobby shop owners.

They will feature a several minute video highlight of the player pictured and allow you to recharge the battery with a USB cable.

Now that Panini is coming out with it’s second group of video trading cards, we wonder if Upper Deck has something up their sleeve in possibly hockey or college basketball with their video trading card, the Upper Deck Evolution.

I recently asked someone at Upper Deck when their next video trading card release will be and from what I am told, it will appear as a surprise in a soon to come future product. I can’t pry that information from them, but let’s hope Upper Deck has added some ink to these video cards to add some value to them as their first go around wasn’t as successful as most thought it would be.

So for now, Panini is still in the lead for video trading cards, but who knows what Upper Deck will do this time around?

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One Response to Panini HRX Returns For 2011 Panini Totally Certified Football

  1. Matt G says:

    I would imagine Upper Deck would ink or possibly memorabilia their video cards this time in order to keep up with Panini. but we will have to see.

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