Preview: 2011 Panini Totally Certified Football

The future of the Panini Certified brand is here.

2011 Panini Totally Certified football will be released this January. The best part about this product? Panini’s HRX video cards will be coming to football! These limited cards are embedded with a highlight video of your favorite player and some include an autograph as well.

Another great part about this product is the crazy designs this product brings. Remember my review of Totally Certified basketball? I loved those designs and they are being brought over to the football product. These cards should look great, but here is some more information.

Each set will have 100 base cards, 50 Immortals, 50 Freshmen Phenoms, and 36 on-card rookie autographs. Every box contains 6 packs at one hit per pack. Every box will contain at least one on-card autographed jersey rookie card to 499 or less, one additional autograph numbered to 299 or less, and four memorabilia cards…just like it’s basketball counterpart.

These subset hits will include cards like Stitches in Time, which features four players with a piece of memorabilia for each player featuring some of the greatest players in the game. You will find some Totally Certified Future Materials which includes jerseys worn by top players at the Rookie Premiere. The Immortals set with 50 of the greatest players ever, each with an autograph. Pieces of the Game which features a piece of the players jersey. And also Heritage Collection which will feature game worn jerseys from some of the most collected retired NFL Players. So there is a big lineup of possible hits in this product with a great veteran focus in some of the insert sets.

I know I’m excited as I loved the design and look of Totally Certified basketball. Let’s just hope it translates well to the football arena. We’ll find out in late January.

You can check out the official Panini Peek here with more information and images.

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2 Responses to Preview: 2011 Panini Totally Certified Football

  1. Matt G says:

    CAnt wait!! It looks great and brings me back to 97 when Totally first came out to the market. Great stuff then. Looks even better now. Glad Panini brought it back to life.

  2. SSking111 says:

    I just wish they’d get rid of the damn white boxes! At least fade them out so you get more of the player in the photo. And I sure hope they DON’T have sticker autos in this. It looks really nice! However, I’m sure its going to be even more expensive than standard Certified. At that price point there shouldn’t be ANY stickers!

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