Upper Deck Presents National Hockey Card Day in America

February 11, 2012, will be a great day for hockey collectors in the United States. This year, Upper Deck will follow up their successful “Hockey Day in Canada” card promotion with a “Hockey Day in America” promotion in hobby shops all across the country.

Each Hockey Day in America set is 15 cards with a 16th bonus card provided when you purchase some Upper Deck product. You can find the set by opening up 5 card packs of cards which are also seeded with some great autographs for collectors to chase.

I was able to snag a Hockey Day in Canada set when I was up in Canada about a month after the promotion thanks to the wonderful people at Wayne’s Sports Cards in Edmonton. While they just gave me a full set, the cards were very nice. I wish I was able to open up some of the packs though to try and grab one of the exclusive autographs in the product.

Now I don’t have any decent hobby shops in my area and I don’t live in a hockey city besides our Junior team. Hopefully I can find a way to grab some of these packs from somewhere. Maybe I’ll try and contact Upper Deck to see if I can grab some packs from them to give away? I think they are selling them to dealers for extremely cheap so maybe I can get in on that and then give some packs away on Hockey Day in America.

Stay tuned, I’ll see what I can do! If I can’t, hopefully your local hobby shop will have some of these packs to give away to their customers.

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One Response to Upper Deck Presents National Hockey Card Day in America

  1. Matt G says:

    I dont have a hobby shop nearby so that would be awesome if you could get your hands on some to giveaway. I do all of my card purchases online.

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