The Newly Added Topps Diamond 1/1 Cards

Recently Topps has added new Diamond 1/1 cards of 4 standout rookies from this past season in Dustin Ackley, Eric Hosmer, Mike Trout, and Michael Pineda.

These are in addition to the hundreds of other diamond 1/1 cards that are available to be won on the Topps Diamond Anniversary site.

Was one of your codes lucky enough to pull one of these new rookies or other cards? What have you thought about the Diamond Giveaway by Topps?

Personally, I was able to snag 3 diamond die-cuts of Red Sox players as I mentioned here my Josh Beckett version and I think those cards are beautiful. I wasn’t lucky enough to get a black diamond parallel or a diamond embedded card but that’s alright with me. I have these beautiful die-cuts.

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One Response to The Newly Added Topps Diamond 1/1 Cards

  1. Matt G says:

    I really think the diamond cut giveaway cards are sweet. I got one baseball and 2 of the NFL super bowl legends giveaway diecut card ones. Its better than that virtual garbage lol. However topps does it smart by not including them into packs cause they charge more than they pay for shipping on these so they are making a good amount of money.

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