Life of a Super Collector

A lot of collectors out there are drawn to their favorite sports or their favorite teams from that sport. They will go at length to buy up or trade for all the cards they want of that particular team or only buy that particular sport in which they collect. But neither is as fanatical as a player collector.

What draws you to that player? Is it a player that brings back personal memories? Did you meet this player once and had a great experience? Did they do something great in the game that they play? Or are they just a cheap alternative to a superstar?

I’ve been watching several people collect their favorite players over the course of my time collecting. I’ve seen huge collections of Carey Price, Carl Crawford, and Aaron Rodgers. These collections are beautiful with several hundred different cards of each player and they always have that one definitive card that is the main showcase – a nice high end rookie or rookie autograph.

But these collectors are rabid. Scouring trading card forums, eBay, or even opening a ton of products. They will overpay just because they don’t have that one card yet, even if they know the price will drop on that card in a couple months. They will trade in your favor just to make you give up that one card they need for their collection. They will do anything, at any cost, to get that card they need. Have you seen a player collector try and deal for a 1 of 1 printing plate or parallel? You can practically see the person salivating and can usually get a good deal if you play your cards right.

It’s a rough game to be player collecting. Nowadays with the several different parallels out there, you will probably never achieve that goal of 100% of the person’s cards produced. You may even come across someone who player collects the same person you do, therefore possibly owning some of those limited cards you may need.

Personally, I’ll stick with my team collecting. I can collect all my autographs and rookies of my players on my favorite team. I have small player collections of players I really like, but they don’t really take precedence over other players unless I love the look of the card.

If you player collect or “super collect”, who do you collect? Why do you collect that person?

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5 Responses to Life of a Super Collector

  1. Matt G says:

    I super collect cards lol. I used to super collect Ken Griffey Jr. I was even featured in Beckett Baseball as a Super Collector back in years Feb issue. But I stopped collecting him 5 years ago when injuries seemed to have stopped him and values were going down. I couldnt see myself pouring tons into him anymore. I still do have everything from him. Now the problem is I have no focus. I would like to collect just NY Giants, but i cant. The team doesnt seem to have a lot of value on the market so if i was to someday actually sell a card, i would probably lose out if i got rid of what i have now for only Giants. So now I just collect everything and i never sell any. I prefer to bust and not have a focus other than the top rookies of that season. Mostly football for me, but i will do hockey, basketball, and baseball as well. it all depends on the rookie class for each. Baseball probably the least right now since they cant figure out what a true rookie card is anymore. Unlike the 80’s and 90’s cards that say rookie on them now-a-days are not even rookies. It drives me away and drives me nuts! The other 3 sports have them marked. I have also noticed that the value is in football. And since that is my favorite sport, it really suits me best. So instead of me blabbering anymore, I would say I just super collect cards.

  2. I can’t say I ‘super’ collect, because my budget is way too limited to do that, but the player I collect most is Mark McGwire. I have a few reasons for it. Mainly, I have tons of happy memories of Big Mac, from his rookie record 49 HR’s (I was always a stat nerd) to the classic Bash Brothers poster to the steroid fueled comeback.

    Another reason is that he was cool enough to have tons of awesome and funky inserts that are no longer mega-expensive. I can browse quarter boxes at card shows and find stuff I like.

    His relics/autos are rare enough that the prices are still out of range, but I am having fun with it so far!

  3. Paul says:

    I collect Jimmy Howard. I wouldn’t say I’m a “super collector” by any means, as I’ve only got around 80 different cards of his at this point, plus I’m collecting on a budget, so I can’t go after some of his high end stuff like The Cup and what not, although I do have a nice mix of base cards including a few jerseys, a few autos, a patch or two, and a single 1/1.

    Why Howard? I grew up a Red Wings fan and have always loved goalies, so when Jimmy took over as the starter a few years back, I decided to start going after his stuff.

  4. Baseball Dad says:

    Semi – super collector of Jim Thome. Indian cards only. I have about 1000. Also, any Indian cards. I have about 11,000 Tribe cards all in binders by year and alphabetically by card brand and player name. And always looking for more. Three or four years ago, when The National was in Cleveland, I got a cd at the Beckett booth that listed about 40,000 Indian cards. I still a have a ways to go !!

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