The Story of My Best Pull to Date

It was Black Friday 2010 and I was searching for some sports card deals online. There are always huge deals to be had by the big sports card sellers and I knew that I could find something for my collection as I hadn’t broken any boxes in awhile. Blowout Cards’ site was running too slow for me with all their added traffic so I went over to Dave & Adam’s Card World for a split second and saw a case of 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Football on sale for super cheap.

I broke out the credit card and bought the case. I knew I couldn’t afford it myself so I wanted to run a group break with some friends or somewhere online. The case arrived and I worked on filling up a group break. No one wanted to join my group break as the site I was currently trying to run the break on I wasn’t a big member at so they weren’t sure I could be trusted.

After a month, the break didn’t fill so I decided to have some fun and open it myself and just sell everything. The first tin I opened unveiled the greatest hit of my life. It wasn’t a thousand dollar card, but it was about half of that and I was super excited, even though it was a redemption.

This is the card I pulled – a 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Quad Autograph of Roger Staubach, Dan Marino, John Elway, and Steve Young numbered to just 10 copies made. I was in awe of this card. My fiance was in the bathroom next to me while I opened the tin on our bed and I screamed out to her “Oh my God!” and I grabbed my computer to put the redemption in.

I was about to leave for a cruise the next day so I brought the two other tins with me on the cruise. While neither of the two other tins provided anything huge, I did enter a contest with Upper Deck for the best box break and opened up one of the tins on the cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean Sea on video.

The best part of that box break video? It won the contest with Upper Deck. The best part about winning that contest? Those two box breaks were the first reviews and a couple of the first posts here on Sports Card Blog.

Not only did 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite football yield my best hit to date, it also helped establish this blog site.

Oh, and I did sell almost every card from that break and made my money back plus the cards I didn’t sell yet.

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One Response to The Story of My Best Pull to Date

  1. Matt G says:

    that’s an awesome story. I have never had the chance to open a case before. The most boxes at once for me was 3 hobby. I have 2 stories about pulls. One…I first met my wife and she got me a box fo 2002 Sp Authentic baseball. I busted it and first found a Chiography redemption for Arod, then a manny Ramirez auto and then a card i stared at 4 times to make sure it was real. An Chiography of Mark McGwire. I still own these. My second and best pull (somewhat recent) was part of a contest held on Press Pass site. I dont collect racing, but thought I would enter. I lost the contest, but being nice they gave each person who lost 3 hobby packs of press pass Stealth 2011 racing. First 2 packs yeielded what i expected. nothing. Then the last one held a signed sheet metal card numbered to 11 of Jeff Gordon. I am still in shock. I couldn’t thank press pass enough. I still own it as well. Another good pull i have is a 1/1 2004 Donruss Diamond kings recollection collection Nolan Ryan auto. I collect mainly football and have never hit it big lol.

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