Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 4 Winner!

A big congratulations to the Week 4 winner…..KJ Lamb! KJ squeaked by with a 1 point victory over two opponents who scored 7 points each to win an official Panini NFL Player of the Day t-shirt and a set of Panini NFL Player of the Day trading cards! That also puts KJ in the lead for the October monthly grand prize!

Here are the scores for the week:

KJ – 8
Michael G – 7
RJ Reyes – 7
Jay Reeder – 6
Harley Edwards – 6
Shane K – 6
Dylan C – 5
Pauly C – 5
Edwin G – 5
Weirdmaniac – 5
Madison V – 5
Matt G. – 4

So everyone is still in the race for the second monthly prize! Look for the next contest posting again this Thursday! I’ll be asking for addresses for the first 4 winners in the coming days to send out their prizes!

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5 Responses to Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 4 Winner!

  1. Matt G says:

    Wow! I did awful!! ugg! Going to be a long climb to win anything lol.

  2. Matt G says:

    I should also say congrats to this weeks winner!

  3. KJ Lamb says:

    Thanks Matt G. I have to admit,the difference maker was the Seattle Seahawks outscoring Denver. Just got lucky on that one.

  4. RJ Reyes says:

    Gratz KJ. And Kudos to Kevin for making a very interesting and competitive competition that isn’t just “Pick the Winner” Every week challenges us to think about other aspects of the game. Best “Pick em” type game I’ve played!

  5. Matt G says:

    Totally agree. This is fun and i love the mixup on the different contests.

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