Preview: 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports

Upper Deck is trying again with their World of Sports brand after a dismal attempt last time around. Many hobby blogs and collectors around the internet slammed this product for the lack of quality that it brought to the table. I know I wasn’t the only one who gave last year a bad review. But I’m willing to give Upper Deck a clean slate to try again since I thought it was that bad.

Not only is the design better this season, the autograph checklist looks better as well. This is still a monster of a product to put together with 100 SPs and 300 cards, but the overall better looking quality and somewhat better checklist makes it better to me.

Each box will yield 3 autographs/game used from some of the top names in sports including Upper Deck exclusives Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Wayne Gretzky, and Landon Donovan. Some of these will be featured on dual, triple, and quad autographs as well!

There will also be one SPx Shadowbox card inserted one per case as a nice little chase element.

Each box will contain 20 packs with 6 cards per pack. All I ask is a better checklist this season with athletes I actually know. I know a lot about sports and alot of sports and I still had trouble naming some of the people in the last product. A better checklist this season will help immensely.

This product will hit your local store on October 11, 2011 for around $75 a box.

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3 Responses to Preview: 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports

  1. mfw13 says:

    Without logos the product will suck…see 2011 Goodwin, for example.

    Hopefully the SpX Shadowbox cards will be reasonbly good-looking, at least.

  2. Matt G says:

    Looks good. the shadow boxes will be a nice inclusion.

  3. Wes Moore says:

    Might be a decent break. SCB you are up in my draft blog party if you can visit as soon as you can.

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