Hobby Warning: FanBro Scam

FanBro is a site that started about 9 months ago which loads a bunch of sports news and information on it’s page and has an area for sports cards.

They lure new and veteran collectors in with their giveaways and then continue to get you to visit with these types of giveaways every week. When they first started, they gave away free “packs” of cards to people who joined. By “packs” I mean handmade packs in which they made themselves. Not terribly bad, but there has been reports by people that they never received these packs. Some people did receive these packs though.

More recently, they have created their own “mystery box” products in which they handmade their own boxes of repackaged cards. They included such product hits as signed baseballs and autographs from players like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Ted Williams, and Mickey Mantle.

But there have been several reports of people not receiving their boxes they ordered. There has also been several reports of people pulling these “redemptions” for autographed memorabilia from some of those big names and FanBro not sending them out. People have been filing PayPal claims left and right trying to get their money back.

The owner has been seen giving out personal information of customers in public, publicly lying about customers, deleting all their videos on YouTube, and treating customers like trash.

There has been posts by several people across the hobby communities like the Blowout Cards forums, Sports Card Forum, and even FanBro’s own forums. Here is an example from the Beckett Forums (they deleted it, but Google cache still has it). I refuse to even link to this site as I do not want others to get scammed like some of these other people have. So if you happen to visit a site called FanBro, beware as there has been a lot of scamming going on by the owners. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided to step up and file a lawsuit against them or file charges with the FBI.

Sports Card Blog recommends you STAY AWAY from FanBro. I’m halfway expecting them to retaliate by making stuff up about this site because it seems to be something they would do to someone calling them out.

(Edit: This just keeps on getting better. Click the Blowoutcards forums link above for new information with the people at FanBro holding their “autographed baseball” hostage for someone to change their negative story about FanBro.)

More information from the Blowout forums is coming to light.

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15 Responses to Hobby Warning: FanBro Scam

  1. Coastal says:

    No need to retaliate. Nobody uses this site.

  2. Coastal says:

    I appreciate the free advertising. The sites never been better :)


  3. Coastal says:

    Now you get yours :)


    • Jimmy says:

      Hows that site working out for you Jonathan Nealey AKA Coastal? Still stealing from young children? Funny I seem to remember a chat where you claimed to have more traffic and more revenue than any other hobby site. Guess that was just peoples money you stole? And hows that server that dont crash? HAHAH Merry Christmas enjoy the mail fraud case being brought against you and Joshua Nealey. But dont worry no one reads this, and it dont show up in the top results in Yahoo. Oh wait I am wrong it does.

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  5. Mr. Nealey! says:

    Hey Coastal—glad to see the walls are tumbling down on the scheme you had set up on all those poor kids. You, sir, will look good in an orange suit.

  6. AGBlex says:

    hopefully what was said is not true and that i still would like my redemption card. you have all my information and i hope this all isn’t true..


  7. alex says:

    I was also robbed by SCAMBRO!

    I was never given a Matt Kemp RC Auto and instead Coastal gave me multiple excuses and yet the card never arrived.

    I hope “Coastal” and any other person involved with this scam website goes down hard!!!

  8. Michael says:

    Don’t forget about Dr. K aka Ron Discipio aka matfanofold who was a part of it too! ScamBro thieves!

  9. nbraatz says:

    I was supposed to get an evan turner RPA which was (among other cards) a no- show and later found the same exact card on eBay (checked numbering, 100% positive), but im very glad they went under, and that i never trusted them with my money

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