EA Games Should Buy Upper Deck

I was just thinking about this the other day. I want to note that I know nothing about business or any of that mumbo jumbo and just know what I’ve been told and what I can see with my blind eyes.

But I think EA Games should buy Upper Deck. Why?

EA Games is well known for it’s video games, especially in their sports franchises. EA makes a killing on their video games as they have had a “monopoly” on their football franchise and put out solid games year after year in their hockey franchises. I won’t comment about EA Sports and basketball, but every company has that one area they aren’t great in.

Upper Deck is well known for it’s great hockey products and solid college products while having the exclusive rights to several high level sports players including Tiger Woods (EA Cover Athlete), Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky (EA Cover Athlete), and several legendary hockey players which are featured in the new EA Sports NHL 12 like Gordie Howe.

I also understand from some sources that Upper Deck hasn’t been doing too well financially since the Yu-Gi-Oh! debacle, losing professional licenses with the NFL, MLB, and NBA, and the suing and counter-suing of themselves. I’ve also seen people at Upper Deck getting laid off. It’s sad that a company like Upper Deck is going through all these issues.

If EA Games bought Upper Deck, could we see the start of a new revolution at Upper Deck or sports cards in general? Imagine what these sports games, which already make a ton of money, could do for the sports card industry. We’ve already seen the virtual Upper Deck cards in NHL 12 and Madden unlocking virtual cards. Even in Madden 12, Panini has inserted autographed cards into Hall of Fame edition copies of the game. And from secondary sales, it looks like these are doing pretty well.

Face it, the people who could be collecting cards these days are more interested in video games and types of media and entertainment that can keep their minds occupied. Kids would rather sit at their Playstation 3 or XBOX 360 and play the latest sports games or shooter games then sit down and open up some packs of trading cards with their friends. I know there is some promotion of sports cards in these games, I see an Upper Deck logo every time I play NHL 12 on my Playstation 3. But unless you play the HUT mode, who actually knows what Upper Deck is? Combining these two companies could bring a cross promotion that would showcase sports cards to people who are already interested in sports since they are playing a sports video game.

While it may be a far-fetched idea and may not work financially or may not work at all, it’s an interesting thought that I had the other night.

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2 Responses to EA Games Should Buy Upper Deck

  1. Matt G says:

    I can agree with you. Its sad to see a huge company like this on a downfall. Would be great to see them somehow gain a couple of licenses back. I dont want to take away from other companies like topps and esp Panini. I think all 3 major companies should have licenses to everything, but its not going to happen even though thats when sports cards were at the top. The more variety, I thought, was better.

  2. mfw13 says:

    The problem, plain and simple, is Richard McWilliams, as it has been at Upper Deck for the past 15+ years (i.e. since he took control of the company).

    He is about as immoral and scummy as a Wall Street banker, and is widely reviled by just about everyone in the hobby who has ever encountered him, and he’ll give up control of Upper Deck over his dead body.

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