October 2011 Sports Card Releases

As has become a monthly thing, here are the sports card releases for October 2011. Prices and release dates are subject to change. If you’re new, the rating is just based on my personal excitement level for the product coming out.


2011 Bowman Chrome – October 19, 2011 – $67 – 7/10

The biggest prospecting product comes out providing collectors with some of the most sought after rookie autographs of the season. If you are a prospector, this is your World Series right here.

2011 Leaf Metal Draft – October 10, 2011 – $86 – 6/10

An interesting move by Leaf to put this product out at the same time as Bo-Chro. 6 autographs per box including possible autographs of the newly signed Ichiro Suzuki!

2011 Topps Finest – October 12, 2011 – $95 – 9/10

This looks to be one of the best baseball products of the season, in my opinion. Newly updated set with no more manufactured patches, I’m excited to see what Topps can do with this product.

2011 Topps Update & Hightlights – October 5, 2011 – $58 – 6/10

The Topps update set featuring all the trades, new rookies, and a season recap. Nothing earth shattering, but it’s good to pick up a few base rookies before next season.


2011 Panini Absolute Memorabilia – October 19, 2011 – $150 – 8/10

One of the coolest products with some of the nicest memorabilia and autograph pieces of the season.

2011 Panini Certified – October 26, 2011 – $94 – 7/10

Lots of rookies, lots of autographs, and some nice memorabilia pieces, this is a favorite for collectors every season.

2011 Panini Crown Royale – October 12, 2011 – $94 – 9/10

One of my favorite products across all sports, I love Crown Royale’s die cut design and I love the Rookie Silhouettes subset. Definitely a must buy for me.

2011 Topps Chrome – October 26, 2011 – $65 – 7/10

The Topps flagship set with chrome technology. With tons of great refractors and inserts sets, it’s definitely a better buy for me then regular Topps.

2011 Topps Gridiron Legends – October 12, 2011 – $77 – 8/10

Featuring some of the best legends of the game including some future legends and rookies, this looks to be a product with a ton of different possibilities when it comes to players and hits.

2011 Upper Deck College Football Legends – October 25, 2011 – $113 – 8/10

With tons of legends of the college gridiron, including over 20 different Heisman trophy winners autographs, this is a must have product for college football fans around the country.

2011 Upper Deck SP Authentic – October 19, 2011 – $110 – 8/10

One of Upper Deck’s most famous products is back featuring your favorite current players and rookies in their college colors. The patch autographs here are some of the most highly sought football collectibles of the year.


 2011-12 ITG Canada vs. The World – October 6, 2011 – $97 – 7/10

Featuring some of the greatest Canadian hockey players as well as some from around the world, this product is loaded with some great autographs and memorabilia for die-hard hockey collectors.

2011-12 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee – October 4, 2011 – $52 – 6/10

The biggest set of the year with over 600 cards is back featuring just a ton of different cards. Try putting this set together set builders!

2011-12 Upper Deck Parkhurst Champions – October 20, 2011 – $76 – 8/10

I really like what Upper Deck has done this year with this product and think it could be one of their better products of the season. Bringing back the Champs cards was a good idea and a solid checklist will make this a great product.


None. Basketball trading cards are taking a hit with the NBA lockout this season.


2011 Upper Deck World of Sports – October 11, 2011 – $75 – 6/10

I can see a slight improvement from last year’s product, which I really didn’t like at all. I really hope it’s more than a slight improvement…

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