My Encounter with the World’s Largest Trading Card

I was traveling back home to Connecticut a couple of weeks ago to watch my very good friend marry the woman of his dreams. Such a good friend in fact, he is going to be my best man when I get married in August 2012.

My fiancee and I were staying at my mother’s apartment in Connecticut for a few days, so we were trying to think of something fun to do that wasn’t too far away. There’s the aquarium about an hour away down in Mystic, the mansions in Newport, Rhode Island, but I thought it was time to pay a visit to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. Plus it was only 30 minutes away.

I hadn’t been there for ages. Probably about 15 years ago when I was 7 or 8 at the time.

Little did I know, the Hall of Fame was the residence of the world’s largest trading card, made by Panini. Now I’m 6’8″ tall, this thing is taller than I am. It features Kobe Bryant on the front with a full front side of one of Kobe’s game used jerseys embedded into the card. It also has Kobe’s autograph, on card. There isn’t a sticker big enough for this card.

It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to the Hall of Fame seeing this trading card because if you collect cards, wouldn’t you want to have this card for your collection?


Of course, we took in all the other sites and activities the Basketball Hall of Fame had to offer as well. We checked out all the cool artifacts and read about the history of basketball in the Ring of Honor and all around the Hall, played virtual basketball against Jason Kidd, tried our best to imitate SportsCenter, and showcased our shooting and rebounding skills on the court in the Hall.

In all, it was definitely a good time. But being a collector and seeing that trading card was definitely high up on the list of cool things I saw.



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2 Responses to My Encounter with the World’s Largest Trading Card

  1. Andy says:

    wow, that is a big card!!!

    if you are ever nearby Rhode Island this winter let me know, I got season tix to AHL Providence Bruins. center ice right behind the benches. on me!

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