Review: 2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Basketball

Another new and original by Panini has hit the basketball court in this final product for 2010-11 in the basketball arena. This one looks beautiful and is kind of a mix between Panini’s Donruss Elite brand and well known Black Box. This product has 8 cards per single pack box with 3 autographs and 3 game used memorabilia cards. Every card is numbered and you will see what we pulled below.


Game Used/Memorabilia:



I really love the design of this product. You won’t often find a full bleed black out background in trading cards anymore as everyone is obsessed with condition nowadays. Speaking of condition, yes, some of these cards do have a few condition issues that you can see because of the black background. Even the Artis Gilmore base card has some weird scratching on the front that really takes away from the card and I’m deciding whether to send it in to be fixed because it is numbered 4 of 5. Just be careful, because although the design is beautiful, it may cause some issues. I will get into the manufactured patch logoman cards in the value area.


The checklist is very cool. A very nice mix of veterans, rookies, hall of famers, and stars of the past. The only huge problem I have with the checklist is the way the product is collated. I’ve seen a few box breaks and there seems to be a weird mix to the collation with people getting multiple cards of the same player or teams, and that is something that should be fixed. For example, there are enough autographs and memorabilia cards in this product that I should not receive a Dan Majerle memorabilia card and an autograph card int he same pack. It just shouldn’t be happening.


I wasn’t sure whether this should be 3 or 4 stars. This product is $250 a pop. You get 8 cards. There are some collation issues, a little bit of damage issues, and then there is the manufactured patch logoman cards. I’m not sure this brings the value that some collectors want, but then again, I’ve seen some amazing cards come out of this product as well. It seems like it can’t make up it’s mind whether it wants to be a lower high end product or something like National Treasures. The manufactured logoman patches are scary. Logoman cards are supposed to be the cream of the crop when it comes to memorabilia. A fake logoman on a card like that is really a shame. That is probably the most disappointing part of an otherwise pretty good product.


As I said, this product feels like it can’t decide whether it is supposed to be a lower high end, or National Treasures. I didn’t hit a rookie autograph, but the veteran, hall of fame, and former star autographs are pretty nice. The design is gorgeous, but with that comes some damage issues that may come along because of it. For that high priced of a product, I think there should be a guaranteed game used patch card as I feel like maybe there was a little too much plain jersey action. But overall, I really enjoyed the break and think it would be fun to open and fun to collect. This is definitely one of the hardest products to rate. I think I may have had too high hopes, but it didn’t disappoint too much.

Once again, a big thank you goes out to Panini America for sponsoring this review. Check out their official blog for tons of great product information.

Since I am running a huge promotional contest right now for the next month and a half, I will hold a contest for some of these at a later date.


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6 Responses to Review: 2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Basketball

  1. Matt G says:

    Wow! Incredible Ben Gordon. I dont own any laundry tags. That card is sick. But its very great looking product. You seemed to have done very well. A Walt frazier auto is always very nice.

  2. Mark Gerstain says:

    I’m going to have to disagree with you on two of your ratings, design and value. The design for these cards in my opinion is a failed attempt to recreate UD’s Black. While this design is ok to look at, it does not reach ‘Elite’ status as the name suggests, but instead screams ‘Rushed.’ I’m also not a fan of the ‘cookie cutter’ designs in which Panini sticks autos and jerseys on the exact same base card designs (but that’s with all their products, not just this one.) The manufactured logomans and the little window-auto rectangles are ugly and uninspiring.

    Next, I am very surprised that you gave the box value a 4. $250 for a box?! A case hit (Kobe auto, Durant auto, Rose auto) won’t even cover the cost of a single box. PRODUCT hits like the quad Celtics auto probably won’t reach $300 either. I quickly went on Ebay and added the sell values of the hits of your box, and it comes out to $60 plus change for the base cards. Wow. The value of this box is more like 1 star, a clear cut, gross example of trying to stuff another overpriced product down collectors’ throats, trying to take advantage of their monopoly rather than trying to really focus on their products.

    I’m just really shocked to as why Panini decided they needed to feel like they had to deliver another 200$+ product. I’m not a Panini hater; I thought they did awesome jobs on this year’s NT, Absolute, and Donruss, but Gold/Certified/and especially Black were huge mistakes.

    • Design is in the eyes of the collector and will differ by person. While I don’t think it looks rushed, as you say, I think it is a great design using black as the main component. It’s hard to design a card based on just that color and I think they did a pretty good job. The ‘cookie cutter’ design is just the way they design their cards, from the base cards up. I’m not a huge fan of the window for the autographs, however, I haven’t seen many of them cut off as bad as some were from Gold Standard. I agree about the manu-logoman though. I can’t believe they did that.

      As far as value goes, I was back and forth between a 4 or a 3 for value. When in doubt, I tend to go to the higher of the two. As I mentioned, this was a tough product to rate. This product is loaded with current veterans and former stars and hall of famers with less emphasis on rookies. The price is going to be higher because it isn’t diluted with rookies. It’s just the way it works because of how much they have to pay the athletes. They could of added a ton of no name rookies, lowered the price $50-$100 and disappointed more people when they pulled two no name rookies and Dan Majerle. Instead, I pulled a Hall of Famer, a former star, and Dan Majerle. I’d have to check the checklist again, but there are more players who sell higher than Kobe, Durant, or Rose in this product. My box may not have been the best, but I’m more disappointed in team/player collation and not having a guaranteed prime memorabilia card then the price. It could use an upgrade to justify the price, as yeah, I think it is a bit overpriced.

      And I love Gold Standard, but that product is pretty polarizing with collectors.

  3. Mark Gerstain says:

    Thanks for the thorough, calm reply. Was getting a bit head of myself there haha. I respect your opinions. Hopefully Panini will continue innovating products next year. They’ve done some really good things, really, but at the same time I hope they listen to the voices of the everyday consumer like you and me. Cheers

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