Preview: 2011 Panini Plates & Patches Football

Panini is back with a reformatted 2011 Panini Plates & Patches football to improve on the solid product from last season. I enjoyed last seasons product and watching all the pretty nice group breaks and box breaks of the product.

The first improvement is the new on-card signed rookie patch cards that will be in the product this year. The top 36 rookies, probably who attended the NFL Rookie Premiere, will all have on-card autographs. This includes Cam Newton, Mark Ingram, Julio Jones and Randall Cobb. All of these rookie autographs will be numbered to 499 or less.

Also new and improved this year is the insert set called Signal Callers which will feature some of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, with a nice list of autographs for that set.

Each box of 2011 Panini Plates & Patches football will have 10 cards in it. You will get one on-card rookie autographed patch card, two more autographs numbered to 499 or less, and two memorabilia cards numbered to 299 or less. It will be rounded out with some inserts and base cards as well. There will be some great 1 of 1 printing plates found in this set including autographed printing plates, some with prime memorabilia and some without.

This product is set to release on December 14, so look out for this improved product!

Make sure you check out the Panini Peek for 2011 Plates & Patches football!

Plates and Patches rookies part 1!

Plates and Patches rookies part 2!

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2 Responses to Preview: 2011 Panini Plates & Patches Football

  1. Matt G says:

    This is a very sweet product and has very awesome hits. Love the patches in this product and the design.

  2. Scott says:

    I am impressed with this year’s product look. That part that bothers me the most, is that 2011 will be released and I am still waiting for 15+ redemptions that are over the 4 month period from the 2010 Plates and Patches. In my opinion, this is unacceptable and may make me shy away from Panini all together. Atleast, when Topps gives a redemption, and they do have fewer, they fill those orders way before the 4 month period, and sometimes within a few weeks. Why is this so difficult for Panini to deal with, we pay alot of money for your product and all we ask for is that you provide a decent service and selection of product.

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