One More Reason to Buy Panini Dominion

Okay, I know I’ve been hyping up 2010-11 Panini Dominion like crazy, but seriously, where does the actual awesomeness of this product end? I’ve showed you countless cards, autographs, patches, just about everything possible…until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest redemption ever made.

This Stanley Cup is 13 inches tall and was given to a member of the 1978-79 Montreal Canadians (or the Les Canadiens de Montréal for my French readers) and is inserted as a redemption card in this product.

Panini purchased this for $4,000 at auction and it will be yours if you pull the redemption card inside 2010-11 Panini Dominion hockey for it.

That makes this quite possibly the greatest redemption card of all-time.

Don’t believe me? Just read Panini’s Offical Blog all about it.

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4 Responses to One More Reason to Buy Panini Dominion

  1. Matt Gilman says:

    This is one of teh coolest ideas ever!!

  2. ernest lantto says:

    it should be here tomorrow as i was promised by panini it would be overnighted once i redeemed it.

    • Congratulations! Every Canadians collector and fan of the game is jealous of you. Panini is pretty good about overnight service, so make sure you take pictures and send them to Tracy Hackler when it arrives!

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