Contest: Winner Gets Spin on Wheel O’ Awesome

I’m really antsy. I haven’t spun the Wheel O’ Awesome in quite some time. So here is a contest, no strings attached, a straight up guessing game.

I was at a Major League Baseball game in which a player hit for the cycle. Tell me the name of the player and the team he played for.

BONUS! What other strange event occurred during that game?

Winner receives a spin on the Wheel O’ Awesome. There are probably enough hints around this blog to help you figure this out.

Correct answers will be randomized. Answer the bonus question and get a bonus entry.

Contest ends on Sunday, August 14, 2011, at 10pm PST. I’ll be nice about this one and let you guess once per day.

Currently, the Wheel O’ Awesome has fabulous prizes you could win like an insert lot, a base lot, game used cards, autographed cards, autographed 8x10s, Fathead Tradeables, and a Mystery Box! Get your chance at glory by winning this contest. I’ll be promoting this contest once a day until it ends.

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13 Responses to Contest: Winner Gets Spin on Wheel O’ Awesome

  1. dawgbones says:

    Bengie Molina for the Texas Rangers, he was also the first catcher to hit both a grand slam and for the cycle in the same game…

  2. Melky Cabrera vs the White Sox in 2009 on the anniversary of Thurman Munson’s death.

  3. Eric L says:

    Ian Kinsler for the Texas Rangers, who also went 6-6, and it was done during Jackie Robinson Day.

  4. Madison V says:

    Gary Matthews Jr. of the Texas Rangers on 9-13-06. His cycle was also a natural cycle in which he hit a single first. Then a double. Then a triple. Then lastly a home run.

  5. HockeyCard_Andy says:

    John Valentin of the Red Sox hit for the cycle and also in the same game the sox hit into a triple play in the first.

  6. Nathan says:

    Ill say Gary Mathews for the Rangers since everyone else is guessing Rangers (they must know something I dont) interesting fact: he did it in order

  7. Shane.k says:

    Bengie Molina for the Texas Rangers. He is the first Molina Brother to hit for the cycle.

  8. BA Benny says:

    I will try something different. Chone Figgins for the Angels against the Rangers. Odd thing is that the Angels lost due to 5 errors.

  9. Wes Moore says:


  10. Greg holland says:

    Bengie Molina’s first game as a Texas Ranger player hits for the cycle in Bostons Fenway park

  11. MV says:

    posted this answer from the beginning but its not up there anymore so i post again…my guess is the gary matthews jr game where he hit a natural cycle… single then double then triple then homerun on 9-13-06

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