Panini Doing It Right at the 2011 National

When you watch sporting events you always hear about that one dedicated player who does everything they can and works extra hard for their team. Announcers love to use the example how the player is always the first one on the court or field and the last one off.

Well from reports I’ve heard at the National, Panini has been just that this past week. From the time the doors opened on the first day, until after everyone else was packing up Sunday night, Panini was there for it’s customers and future customers delivering the goods they had prepared for the National. Wrapper redemptions, autographed memorabilia, and great displays available from beginning to the very end.

Panini even earned some kudos from of it’s toughest critics in the blogging community for the way they handled their corporate area at the 2011 National. At times, it seemed like Panini could do nothing right to them. But Panini’s work at the National even turned the biggest critics into fan boys, even if only for this one weekend.

From reports, the Panini booth was swamped all weekend long with people opening thousands of dollars worth of products to get their hands on some great wrapper redemptions and other offerings from Panini. And from what I’ve been told, Tracy Hackler and Scott Prusha, the marketing men over at Panini, handled it with zen like abilities.

For one weekend, no matter which brand of cards you preferred and no matter what your previous opinion was, everyone was a Panini fan.

Check out some live blog posts from Panini.

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If you didn’t get a chance to head out to the National, Panini saved some wrapper redemption packs just for you.

I will try and have complete coverage of the National and final thoughts about it from a guest in the coming days. But look out Baltimore in 2012, I’m saving up!


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