Hope For Base Cards

You may have seen them at run down card shows. You may have seen them on eBay or someone trying to trade them to you. You may even have them in your own collection. Base cards. Basically, to many people who buy cards, base cards are the junk in the packs or boxes that aren’t game used or autographed cards and they end up in someone’s 10 cent box or even just left laying around, unprotected, on a shelf or in the garbage. Is there anyone out there to help these poor base cards?

Bring in the Base Card Foundation of America (BCFA). For only 18 cents per 9 (if you’re generous, 18) cards, you can keep these base cards protected. You can give your base cards a place to live, free from the possibilities of complete destruction by garbage fields, paper shredders, your dog, or even newbie collectors. Every day thousands of base cards are either destroyed or left unprotected by collectors all around the world.

You can do your part by working with the BCFA and getting protection for your base cards. It is only a small price to pay to protect and care for your base cards that someone may want to trade from you someday. Your purchases will be used by you to protect your cards and provide them a damage free site to linger until needed. That is why trading card pages are so important.

The BCFA reminds you to please, think of the Kidds.

(SCB Note: I am very tired from a long weekend and I’ll have my 2011 Panini Season Update basketball review up tomorrow. I hope this holds you until then.)

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One Response to Hope For Base Cards

  1. rjreyes34 says:

    I don’t hate base cards. In fact, I save each and every one. Why? I work at a nursing home, I see a lot of grandparents and their grandchildren on a daily basis. You’d be surprised to know who’s living in a retirement center. Usually, I’ll donate team sets to residents, if they’re fond of a team, they’re from a different city, like a certain modern player, or they just like sports. (The guys love em)… I like showing the A&G sets to some of our ladies, because they know some of the people and things, and tend to be interested in the insert sets. I’ll give em to their grandchildren, who hopefully through some small magic, may be brought to card collecting, even at the base level. Whatever it is, it puts a smile on their faces.

    I haven’t done this, but donating them to a local sports youth league, or even doctor’s offices to hand out to kids. They don’t mean a whole lot to me, but might make some kid’s day. Who knows….

    Great post as always!

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