Preview: 2011 ITG Heroes & Prospects “Hits” Series 2 Baseball

In The Game returns with an update to it’s popular baseball product that was released earlier in the year. For not having an official license, In The Game does the best job of putting together solid products over and over again in hockey and is bringing that skill to baseball for the second time. I’m impressed with Dr. Price.

Each one pack box will contain 5 hits. That’s right, every card in the box is a hit for your collecting pleasure. As the title of the product says, you will find heroes and prospects. The heroes list is extremely impressive. You can pull players like George Brett, Hank Aaron, and Roberto Clemente. Each 12 box case will contain at least one 1/1 card and at least 6 heroes in total. But it’s not all about the heroes, there is some of baseball’s top prospects as well. With names like Josh Sale, Manny Banuelos, and Manny Machado, the prospects are top of the line.

Some of the great heroes cards you can pull are Heroes Cuts. These are 1/1 cards featuring some of the heroes in this set with cut autographs from checks. Ever want your chance at a Hank Aaron autograph? Well this will be inserted into the product.

You can also find some sweet barrels from bats and something In The Game does better than every other company, you can find some awesome patches like this Nolan Ryan.

As I said earlier, it’s not all about the heroes. The prospects are large and in charge of this product.

I’m having a hard time grabbing some pictures of the prospects, so you can check the ITG website for the official 2011 ITG Heroes & Prospects Hits Series 2 checklist. Man that’s a long product name.

Did I mention you could find autographs from past presents on baseball leather too? Obama, both Bush Presidents, and Slick Willy Clinton all have autographs you can pull.

You can find this product out on August 3, 2011 for about $85 per box. You’ll get 5 hits so it looks to be some great value possible from this product.

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