Gint-A-Cuffs III: Release the Kraken – Packs 16 – 20

Here we are, packs 16 – 20 of this 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter goodness. If you’ve read my review of Allen & Ginter you would have seen all the spoilers as I hit a nice card in this grouping. If not, you’re in for a sweet, sweet surprise. So let’s just get down to business. We last left at a robust 109 points…not doing too well.

Pack 16: (+25 points in pack, 133 points total)

Rickie Weeks, Colby Lewis, Jordan Zimmerman, Joey Votto (+2 OFP), Jason Heyward Baseball Highlight Sketches (+5 BHS and OFP), David DeJesus (+2 SP), Nick Markakis mini Ginter back (+15 AG SP and OFP), Neil Walker Hometown Heroes (+1 HH)

Pack 17: (+13 points in pack, 146 points total)

Ozzie Martinez, Eric Sogard, Joakim Soria (+2 OFP), Brian McCann, Adrian Gonzalez (+5 FT and MFP), Joe Mauer (+2 SP), Henri Grace A Dieu Floating Fortresses (+2 FF), Chris Coghlan mini Ginter back (+2 AG back)

Pack 18: (+6 points in pack, 152 points total)

Freddie Freeman, Jonathan Sanchez, Ben Zobrist, John Lackey (+1 FT), Fausto Carmona, Ascent of Man Reptiles (+1 AOM), Blue Whale Animals in Peril (+3 AIP), Corey Hart Hometown Heroes (+1 HH)

Pack 19: (+6 points in pack, 158 points total)

Kristi Yamaguchi, Stan Lee, Aaron Hill, Matt Garza, Starlin Castro (+2 OFP), Jake Peavy, Step Right Up Tight Rope Walking (+3 SRU), Ryan Howard Hometown Heroes (+1 HH)

Pack 20:  (+36 points in pack, 194 points total)

Brandon Snyder, Yonder Alonso, Victor Martinez, Matt Cain, Hunter Pence Rip Card (+34 Rip Card and OFP multiplier), Cliff Lee mini, Dustin Pedroia Hometown Heroes (+2 FT and HH)

Well that group of packs really stepped up my game for myself. It puts me right into contention with just 4 packs to go. Will I pull out some cards to put me in the lead, or will I fall flat on my face….see you for the next and final installment!

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