Gint-A-Cuffs III: Release the Kraken – Packs 11 – 15

Now I know I don’t have pictures up yet, but the fiancee has the camera with her while she is visiting Montana for school and my cell phone went kaput! So I have no photograph options. Luckily, she comes home soon and I’ll be getting a new phone soon so all is good in this hood. I will provide the photographic evidence if my official 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter review videos just aren’t enough for the Commish of this prestigious event.

We are currently sitting at the lucky number of 69 points. So we are going to continue with packs 11 through 15 in the hopes I can beat the top score. Let’s see what we got, eh?

Pack 11: (+10 points in pack, 79 points total)

Greg Halman, Mike Napoli, Chad Billingsley, Homo Erectus Ascent of Man (+1 AOM), Yovani Gallardo Hometown Heroes (+1 HH), Joba Chamberlain Framed Jersey (+5 Yankee relic), Josh Johnson mini black (+3 black)

Pack 12: (+7 points in pack, 86 points total)

Jeremy Hellickson, Heath Bell (+2 OFP), Huston Street, Travis Hafner, Dallas Braden, Red Wolf Animals in Peril mini (+3 AIP), Matt Holliday Hometown Heroes (+1 HH), Ascent of Man Catarhhini (+1 AOM)

Pack 13:  (+11 points in pack, 97 points total)

Michael Pineda, Yunesky Maya, Adam Jones (+4 SP and OFP), Stephen Drew, Joba Chamberlain Hometown Heroes (+0 HH Yankee), Josh Rodriguez mini Ginter back (+2 AG Back), Robinson Cano Framed Bat (+5 Yankee relic)

Pack 14: (+6 points in pack, 103 points total)

Peter Gammons, Ben Revere, Yovani Gallardo, Jorge Posada (-1 Yankee), Ervin Santana, Josh Willingham (+2 SP), Uninvited Guest Villisca Axe Murder House (+3 UG), Minds That Made the Future Florence Nightingale (+2 MTMTF)

Pack 15: (+5 points in pack, 108 points total)

Chris Sale, Jake McGee, Cole Hamels (+2 OFP), Jair Jurrjens, Rick Porcello, Zach Greinke (+2 SP), Manny Pacquiao mini, Johnny Damon Hometown Heroes (+1 HH)

Man, these Yankees are killing me. I really hope I don’t have more Yankees in this box or I am going to be screwed. Too many Yankees! Ahh!

Until next time…

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