Review: 2010-11 Panini Zenith Hockey

2010-11 Panini Zenith hockey marks the return of one of the most favorite brands of all time amongst collectors. Donruss revived it in the mid 2000s after it was a staple of the industry in the 90s. It disappeared again for a short period only to be revived once again with 2010-11 Panini Zenith hockey. It brings back all your favorite parts of the product from the past, red and white hot parallels, Dufex which is now called Nufex technology, and of course the Dare to Tear rip card!

So with that introduction I would like to bring to you the official review of 2010-11 Panini Zenith hockey brought to you by Sports Card Blog. A big thanks and shout out goes out to Panini once again for providing this to review. I can’t ever do it without them, so I hope this helps you decide to want to buy a box!



Game Used:



The design leaves more to be desired. As I sit here in look at the base design of the product I feel like it is something that I have seen before, which I have. It looks almost exactly like 2005 Donruss Zenith baseball which I had the pleasure of opening at that time. The design is just too plain and abstract in my opinion. I see some differences from the older product but the basis is pretty much the same. I was hoping with the revival of the product maybe the design could be updated a little bit. I don’t hate the design but it’s nothing real new and nothing appealing about the base set. While most of the inserts are sharp, especially the ones using Nufex technology, a couple look kinda similar to other products.


The checklist is massive with inserts and has a nice combination of both young and old inside the packs. There are a ton of rookies you can collect from the checklist itself, plus even more rookies if you Dare to Tear your rip card. They put in some very nice stuff inside the rip card which would pretty much make you want to rip the rip card no matter what. It’s almost not even worth it to keep the jumbo card unless you collect the player. The game used and autographs you can pull from this product is laden with stars, I would even say you have a better chance at pulling a star hit in this product than Luxury Suite. Overall, a very solid checklist.


If I were to price this product over what I believe its worth to be, I would put it at around $70-$80 based off what you get from opening it. That is exactly where this product sits right now, so I believe it’s at a good price. The name on the checklist are pretty good and the rookies being numbered to 999 or below keep the value in the rookies. The only problem that may hurt the value is just the sheer number of products that have come out this year. Product after product has these rookies in them and it’s hurting the value a little bit. I believe Panini tried to fix this by putting in a billion rookies in every product. But still, there are a ton of rookies out there if you wanted a specific one. Otherwise, Panini does a great job on patches and a lot of on card autographs in this product. For what the box sells at, it’s worth a purchase.


Overall, this is a pretty average product by Panini. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it has some value to it with the great checklist and the current great price you can find it for. The design leaves more to the imagination as a whole, but the Nufex technology is fantastic. The Dare to Tear rip card is awesome and Panini, I’m leaving it to you to bring back the box toppers. Box toppers add such great value to boxes because you could do anything with them. Put in short prints, Dare to Tear, jumbo autographs, game used, or parallels, anything you want. If every product had a box topper I would be a happy man. The value as it stands is solid so I would definitely consider picking up a box.

Now, it’s time for some hot pack ripping action.

Oh, by the way. The best part of the Dare to Tear rip cards is that it makes a great puzzle afterwards! Sorry Sidney Crosby, you are torn up.

Oh yeah, want a contest too? We’ll do another guess the serial number. This time you are guessing the serial number from the Jacob Josefson rookie that is numbered to 199. I hope I didn’t say it in the video, lol. Closest to the number without going over wins a prize pack from this product including the Gifted Grinders Jersey and insert, along with another insert or two from this product at my disposal. Any comments about the review will help your chances! (Not really, but it’s preferred!)

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15 Responses to Review: 2010-11 Panini Zenith Hockey

  1. Rj says:

    120. I didn’t lIke the shiny. It was too shiny. I think it ruins the design. Maybe it’s just the pics. I will only buy this if I really really need a hobby fix.

  2. blacksheep. says:

    nice review! i agree a little with the first comment. the nufex cards are nice but i think on some of the cards it makes the players very hard to see.

  3. RJ Reyes says:

    To follow up, in the Carey Price card, it’s almost as if the player isn’t even the center of attention. The Neely though… is just a train wreck. Maybe the red just screams “Look at me aren’t I cool!” but I would rather be happy with a Cam Neely. Chasing the Cup is quite nice though, and the other inserts other than “Mosaic” are nice. I wouldn’t mind those. Mosaic just reminds me of Lumines or Tetris, and seems to be a distraction. It’s just that Nufex… It’s fine, like with all things, in moderation, but when used to “bedazzle” a card, it just seems tacky.

  4. Madison says:


    poor sidney:(

  5. BA Benny says:

    A decent looking set, not awesome but not terrible either.

    sn 77

  6. nick bankuti says:

    how do i enter the contest

  7. Shane.K says:

    I really like th elook of the metallic sheen going on. Very nice review.
    SN = 22

  8. nyrdave says:

    I’ll guess 123. I love the fact that they keep going nostalgic, but the original Zenith’s weren’t exactly my favorite set. Still nice looking

  9. Ashley says:

    I’m going to go with 56. But, I have to admit, they’re too shiny for my liking. If they were a little less focused on the background and more on making the player pop, it would be a much better product. I do like the style of the subsets, and hope to see what they can do in future iterations.

  10. Jenny F. says:

    Huge fan of the rip cards and the mozaics. my guess is 133.

  11. James M says:

    I think it will be 37.

    I hate to see Sid torn up that way since I’m a diehard Pens fan. :(

    I bought a pack of this at one of my local stores. Pulled a jersey and rookie in my one and only pack.

    And one more thing, why wear a Boston Red Socks hat for a hockey review? Doesn’t make any sense.

  12. Alex says:

    Nice review. Keep it up!

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