Review: 2010-11 Panini Totally Certified Basketball

Now, I don’t know what makes this “totally” certified compared to just regular certified, but this year’s product looks pretty good compared to years past. 2010-11 Panini Totally Certified basketball is back yet again with great improvements from last year as well as some new additions, mainly the reveal of Panini HRX video trading card technology. While these are extremely hard to pull, they are some of the best looking and include the first autographed video trading cards to hit the market.

While our box did not contain such awesomeness, we were able to see what really make 2010-11 Panini Totally Certified basketball stand out this year and that is the color, some on card autographs, and some nice looking game used pieces. Want to see what we got? The video provides some information, but when I started I thought the camera was runing, but it wasn’t. So I was halfway through when I noticed it, but reviewed the cards pulled. But look no further than below:



Game Used:



Actually, I really enjoy the design. I’m usually not huge on foil board type designs unless it is done really well, but I believe this is actually done really well. The starburst effect in the background looks great on the base cards, I just don’t understand the need for the abstract lines in the back. I see that the effect changes when the line is there, but couldn’t you do it without the abstract lines? The lower ones look out of place, but I wouldn’t mind just the triangle design. I’m not sure what they did with the finish on these cards but it feels pretty cool. It feels kind of grainy in the foil area but the player actually is raised up on the card and gives it a cool depth feeling.


While I can’t find a list of the veterans who actually signed in this product, the overall checklist is actually very solid. There are 35 different rookie autographs to pull including the top picks in the draft which is not an over kill like other sports. The base set is kind of big for being limited, but the 150 cards presents a challenge to set builders and player collectors if you want all the parallels. The Certified Potential autographs list is great and the names on the game used jerseys is very good. Don’t forget about the HRX video trading cards! Making them hard to pull was a great strategy and keeping them limited in the future is something I would recommend.


Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether to give this a 3 or a 4. As I say, I always round this to the nearest whole number, so we’ll just say it’s around 3.6. The hit per pack thing is great and it has it’s place in the hobby. But a box of this product is nearly $100 right now. I ended up with nearly 1/10th of the base set, 6 or 7 parallels, and 6 “hits”. I would like to see just a little more content in these packs. The hits can stay as they were solid, the insert per pack is good enough for me, but maybe add in another base card or two. It would take at least 10 boxes to build a full base set and that is being generous. The names on the hits are solid which is nice compared to other Panini products with sometimes too many retired players. Just add another base card or two and I’d be very happy.


Overall 2010-11 Panini Totally Certified basketball gets 4s across the board from me. The design is very nice with a few odd things here and there but it really is something to see for yourself in your hands. The foil board looks great and the jerseys are done well. Just the autograph space on the rookie autographs looks a bit small but the nice big jersey piece is there too. Gotta take the bad with the good there. The checklist is solid overall and not killing you with retired players. The HRX makes it’s long awaited debut and even though I did not pull one, they look great. Finally, value wise I would like to see maybe another card or two added to the pack. Maybe it’s just me on that one and maybe I’m over reacting a bit. But it’s still not bad.

Now you get to see my ugly mug do a horrible job at opening it on video. It’s such a bad video, I forgot to press play or something when I started. So it’s a review of the half the box I had opened plus me opening the second half of the box, oops, sorry.

Now as for the contest part, I have in my hands the Brandon Roy Totally Blue insert numbered to 299. The winner of this contest will be the person closest to guessing the serial number without going over, Price is Right style. Please also include at least one thought on the product in which I reviewed. The winner will receive the Danny Granger jersey and the Dejuan Blair jersey. Good luck!

A big thanks again goes out to Panini America for providing this box for me to review.

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20 Responses to Review: 2010-11 Panini Totally Certified Basketball

  1. Adam Horner says:

    I actually really like the look of these cards, I think they look like some of Panini’s better basketball cards. I’m not quite sure where they fit into the hierarchy of Panini’s stuff though as they seem somewhat similar to Absolute. However, it appears solid. My guess for the insert # is 197.

  2. Thai says:

    B-Roy – 1

    I ordered a case of this but promptly returned it before it was shipped to me when I saw the Filipino guy’s break. I had NO idea that this product was numbered so high to 1849. I would actually kind of preferred it to NOT be numbered like Crown Royale was in reference to the base. I think that they totally over produced this product but it does have some nice stuff in there.

    I popped 2 packs and pulled a Favors patch au and a Noah bulls patch but the /1849 silver bases felt… dirty lol I feel like it devalues the product somewhat

  3. Daddyoho says:

    Serial no 63

    Good review. It looks like a decent set but I do not like the foil.

  4. Eric Kageyama says:

    My guess is 149.

    I opened 5 boxes fishing for the HRX cards…nothing. I agree that making them difficult to find was great. So intrigued by the first video card that I gave it up for the first HRX Kobe auto redemption that I found on ebay…ugh. Hope it winds up going up in value over the years being the first one.

    Great review.

  5. I love the product myself. The base cards (silver) are stunning while the parallels are even more incredible. I’ve only seen the Red and Blue parallels in person (I have both of Darren Collison) and they are sooooo nice. One of my favorite products ever released in my opinion. Great job, Panini!!

    My guess is 47. Thanks for the contest!

    -Christian (Reggie_Miller on SCForum)

  6. Im gonna say 101.

    Its nice that they numbered every single card, but having each base/parallel of the same design but just a different color, doesn’t attract me too much. I would’ve liked some different looking inserts.

  7. Madison says:


    On card autographs=awesoem!!!

  8. BA Benny says:

    I like the design and always like when the paralells are a different colot altogether so that works for me. I like the cut outs for the relics as well.

    sn 177

  9. The designs are ok and the hit per pack is even cooler. The only thing that disappoints me is that, most of the hits came from an average player. What I meant is, mostly they are role players :(

    Another good thing about this product is the HRX video card.

  10. Jenny F. says:

    Great Review. Great Product. My guess is 33.

    • Jenny F. says:

      I also agree about the abstract lines. The more I look at the cards the more I wish those lines weren’t there.

  11. Bodotdot says:

    I totally like this set–especially the way the fabrics are placed beneath the viroids. Fabrics of the game are a favorite insert.
    My serial # guess is 48.

  12. nyrdave says:

    Guess is 203.

    I like the design, but I’m split on the jersey cards. They look cool, yet almost look amateurish with the way the team nickname looks

  13. Bodotdot says:

    I totally like this set–especially the way the fabrics are placed beneath the cutouts. Fabrics of the game are a favorite insert.
    My serial # guess is 48.

  14. Rj says:

    68 is my guess. I suppose the designs are nice but holofoil is over used. I like designs that don’t distract me from daily life. I’m easily distracted by shiny things.

  15. J.Greer says:

    Overall, I like this product. I’m not a big fan of the base cards but the Kirilenko jersey and Bradley rookie auto are both very nice looking cards.

    My guess is 207

  16. Elbert Paredes says:

    My guess is 1. Lol, one dollar, Bob!

    Like other people that posted and you, the abstract lines we could go without. But I’m not sure what they would use instead. Otherwise, looks pretty good!

  17. ben says:

    This product looks great! I can’t wait to bust a few of these packs! My guess is #210

  18. ben says:

    Have you announced the winner?

  19. Yes, I have in the Contest Results #3 post.

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