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With 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter so close to release I am psyched right now about baseball products. All that is on television right now is baseball with the lockouts of the NFL and NBA. The NHL is always quiet this time of year unless there are some huge free agent signings. There has been some of those huge signings, but baseball is just at the top of it’s game. Sort of like Manny Pacquiao, top of their games.

Speaking of Manny Pacquiao, he has an autograph in the previously mentioned Allen & Ginter, but also in this brand new product put out by Topps this season. 2011 Topps Tier One baseball. And frankly, I’m not hugely impressed when I really want to be.

Topps has sunk it’s teeth into the 1 pack per box products and this is another one. Each pack will net you 3 base cards, 1 parallel, 1 relic card, and 2 autographs. Every 12 box case will yield 1, just 1, top tier autograph. Top Tier autographs are what everyone will be chasing, but they only fall 1 in 12 boxes. The best part about the autographs though is that they are all on-card, except for cut autographs and the triple autographs. Again, this should not be a selling point but it is.

If you do not hit one of these Top Tier autographs you will probably hit a On The Rise autograph or Crowd Pleaser autographs. There are also dual and triple autographs available to pull as well. The On The Rise subset and Crowd Pleaser autographs look alright, but no where near the Top Tier autographs. At least all autographs appear to be numbered to 25 or less so that should help with some of the value.

You will also find relics that come in patch form numbered to 10 or single, dual, or triple jersey form. And I’m guessing the regular swatches will all be single colored and boring as usual from Topps with their jersey swatches. At least they do a decent job on patches, but they make them so hard to get.

Finally you will find 3 base cards each numbered to 799 and a parallel numbered to 199, 50, 25, or 1.

And for once I am not impressed at all with Topps design on this product. It just looks lazy with a faded background to a single color on the base and parallel. Although the autograph designs look decent.

I can’t find a price on this product but it could fall from anywhere between $85 and $200 if I know Topps correctly. I’m hoping it will be closer to the lower side as Topps doesn’t have many products like this that is around the same price point as Panini Limited or Upper Deck Ultimate Collection. My guess is that it will be higher, kind of like Tribute or Triple Threads because I just have a feeling it will be higher. I hope I’m wrong as right now the product doesn’t stack up and baseball needs a product in that range like Panini and Upper Deck.

We have found a preliminary 2011 Topps Tier One baseball checklist available too so you can see what I’m talking about. Let me know what you think of this product that arrives in November 2011.

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2 Responses to Preview: 2011 Topps Tier One Baseball

  1. Jamey Feuer says:

    I purchased ($100) a single box from my local vendor, although closed auction ebay pricing appear to be as low as $70+ S&H.
    In sum, this product is a flat-out let-down. In no way, shape or form does it compete with Triple Threads or Ultimate. This is more akin to Co-Signers from a couple of years back, or “Topps Marquee Lite” perhaps, without the patches.
    Yes, the checklist has Koufax and some impressive names on it and the oversized patches are drool-worthy, but those pulls are lotto-frequent (Prodigious Patches #/10). My experience and research indicate that the vast majority of single box breaks will disappoint. For this price-point? As one or both of my hits? Autos of Josh Thole, Carlos Carrasco, Ervin Santana, Brandon Beachy, Brandon Crawford, Anthony Rizzo and Angel Pagan are just anti-climactic.
    To ensure that I wasn’t unfairly knocking the product, I perused some case-breaks. These breaks showed CASE-HITS…the chase-card(s) of every 12 box case, to include a Bob Gibson auto /25, a Chipper Jones auto /25, a Clay Buchholz/Josh Johnson dual auto REDEMPTION, and another REDEMPTION for a Ryne Sandberg Gold (/25) auto. Okay, the Ryno is cool, but it’s just a ‘graph, no Jersey patch Not impressive, in my opinion. And, while they have gotten better, Topps’ redemption program still leaves something to be desired.
    I am NOT a Topps hater. I LOVE Triple Threads, I love the value that I derive from Topps Baseball and Football every season. The ’11 Topps Tribute product was fantastic.
    A recent string of Topps products has been deeply disappointing, however, including Lineage, Marquee, and now Tier-One.
    Anyone care to weigh-in and refute or confirm my review here?

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