Contest Results Show #2

Here we are for Sports Card Blog’s Contest Results Show #2! We are giving away some fabulous prizes this time around thanks to Panini America for allowing me to review their products and give away fabulous cards from the break. So make sure you thank Panini America for their generosity and tell them you want me to review more products. The more products sent to me for review purposes, the more cards I can give away randomly and fill up the Wheel O’ Awesome.

Applaud Now.

End Applause.

Okay, enough of the shenanigans. Everyone wants to know who won. Well I have done the amazing witchcraft of recording what I saw when I used the randomizer to determine who won. Hopefully, the camera did not steal my soul. Here are your results for this fine grouping of 3 awesome contests and it turned out to be 3 separate winners!

And for those unable to view the YouTubes, here is a winner list:

Luxury Suite prize pack: Dawgbones of Dawgbones, a Phillies Phan!

Donruss Elite prize pack: Adam Horner

Score prize pack: BA Benny of BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet

Both Dawgbones and Adam Horner have the opportunity to substitute their prize for a spin on the Wheel O’ Awesome with prizes such as autographed 8x10s (1 left), Fathead Tradeables, autographs, game used, inserts, or base lots. Personally I would take the prize pack as you’ll most likely be getting more but it’s up to them.

I will now allow the opportunity for the winners to accept their prize in the comments below and provide a speech for all to read. Otherwise, I’ll just email them on the email provided.

Big thanks to Dawgbones of Dawgbones, a Phillies Phan! (who actually won) for being the only blogger to pimp the contest and win a bonus entry. That bonus entry helped lead him to victory in the Luxury Suite prize pack!

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2 Responses to Contest Results Show #2

  1. Dawgbones says:

    Awesome, really big thanks to for a GReat contest, with awesome prizes. As I am a big Philly Phan (excepting for the Eagles currently) I believe I will except the prize from the contest, lovin that Flyers jersey. Thanks again for a shot at some nice cards from a really nice looking card set. Congrats to Adam and Benny as well for joining me on winner’s row.
    I will definitely be keeping on eye on your blog for future content on whatever cards you decide to break open and share.
    Thanks again for a GReat contest, and it just goes to show you that it may only take one entry to win, but sometimes the one is an extra entry.
    Have a GReat night,

  2. Adam Horner says:

    Thanks as well for the contest, I have contacted you with my info and would love the cards you were planning to give out

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