2011 Allen & Ginter Code

Just posting this now before the release of Allen & Ginter that I may attempt to break the code. But I know I can not do it alone. If anyone else is thinking about going for it and serious about figuring it out, let me know.

It has been a lifelong dream to get my ugly mug on a trading card. I don’t know why, but it has. I’m sure it’s a dream for other people out there too. So let’s do it together!

You may now continue with your regularly scheduled programs. My next review should be up in a little less than 3 hours, it’s set to auto-post. See you then!

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12 Responses to 2011 Allen & Ginter Code

  1. You might have seen it already, but there was a really detailed description of how the young man solved the code last year on Freedom Cardboard. I’m not great with numbers/puzzles so maybe its not that complex but it seemed that way.

    If you haven’t checked it out, try to find the post from last year – it should give you lots of tips on where to start for this year I’m guessing. Good luck – will be interesting to see how you do.

    • I have seen it and I’ve been researching each of the past few years on how they figured it out. Seems pretty straightforward to start…it definitely might take more than one mind though to get it done first.

  2. Rj says:

    If I wasn’t a complete idiot I would help. My wife is the puzzle person. Me on the other hand am not.

  3. stl5 says:

    I would love to help! as long as you buy all the cards to start looking

  4. James M says:

    ANyone interested in getting some sort of group together to try and figure out how to break the code? By the time I got started last year I learned someone had already finished it.


  5. Wilf says:

    The code definitely appeals to my OCD.

  6. Fernando H. says:

    I already cracked the code behind the mike gellner mini card, I contact topps and they said I need to folllow the code, has anyone got this far?

    • MG Cardz says:

      Yea I got the crytogram on back figured out.-there is a disctinct pattern you probably could apply it to the way cards line up when all are connected.

  7. Abe says:

    I have been buying the cards regulary and would love to join up with some people that are taking a shot at this.


  8. James says:

    Iam very good with puzzles and riddles. I believe that I have solved all of the clues but only have a handful of code cards. If anyone wants to trade me some cards let me know.

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