Review: 2010-11 Panini Luxury Suite Hockey

Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians who read this blog. I know there are a ton of you and have I got a great break for you guys. Being a quarter Canadian myself and having a fiancee who is 100% authentic Canadian, we celebrate Canada Day in our household in the States. I am celebrating it this year by opening and reviewing a box of 2010-11 Panini Luxury Suite hockey!

Luxury Suite hockey is in it’s first year of production. What makes this product interesting is that it features a checklist of zero base cards. Every card is either a rookie, game used memorabilia, or autograph. Pretty cool concept if you ask me to have a product with no base cards. So with 4 packs a box and 3 or 4 cards in a pack (it seems like it couldn’t decide) and 8 total game used/autographs per box, I bring you my break and review of this product from Panini.


Game Used:



As I have stated in my preview on this product and on the official Panini America blog, I think this is one of Panini’s best designs of the year. While we weren’t able to see the beautiful rookie patch autographs in this break, you can see the good designing in these other cards. I would compare it to the design quality of SP Authentic mixed with Pinnacle. It shares very common characteristics and I think overall it’s a good design. On card autographs galore, great use of memorabilia, and I absolutely love the Private Signings set with the gold foil lettering. That looks great.


Everyone loves rookies, we get that. This product is full of a billion of them. Okay, not a billion but 125 rookies are in this product. There are a ton of star common jersey cards which is great too so you can pull some of the games best current players there. I’ll even say that the retired signatures checklist is okay with names like Gilmour, Roenick, and Dionne. The only thing lacking is the quality of star autographs in the Private Signings set. This is considered to be a high end product by most people. You can find this product at most places for about $170 right now. With a price point this high you should expect at least a few huge names in that list. Johnny T is the biggest name on that list. No Crosby, no Ovechkin, no Brodeur or Thomas…the star power on that portion is really lacking. Sure you have a chance to pull some absolutely awesome rookies in this product, but there should be at least a little bit of star power in your veteran players checklist at this price. If there were a chance for a Sidney and maybe Brodeur that subset would have been easier to swallow.


So the odds state you should get 8 autographs or memorabilia cards in your box. I received 9 so that is a good start. Including the rookies that breaks down to about $10 per card in this box. At the same price point as something like Absolute Memorabilia, you get a lot more hits for your money. The plain jerseys are high numbered and nothing special but the patches, sticks (which I didn’t pull), and autographs you can pull definitely make up for that. If there was a little more star power in these boxes as far as veteran players went, I think we could of moved closer to a 5 here. This is closer to 3 stars than it is to 5 stars as it stands. I didn’t receive a redemption which is nice and the autographs I pulled were on card autographs as well. Include the multi-colored swatches you can pull and the multi-colored stick pieces and this product definitely has value. But it’s hit or miss for the most part. Still, pretty solid.


The design is one of Panini’s best in the hockey arena this year. I think the only product that can outdo it will be Dominion later this month. The swatches and sticks are very nice and the autographs are on card so that makes these cards look even better. While the veterans names on the checklist for autographs are kinda so-so, the rookies you have the possibility to pull amazing cards of are endless and rare so they hold great value. You get a ton of hits, including rookies, for your money and that beats other Panini products and even Upper Deck products at a similar price point. Just some of the selection could be improved in the veteran area. Overall, it is hit or miss but definitely a fun box to open as you know you are getting a couple of hits per pack.

I’d like to thank Panini America for providing this box for me to sponsor, please check out the various links I have posted around the site and visit them. I will be giving away a few cards from this break. Not sure which ones yet but I will give some away nonetheless. View the video below to find out how.

Okay, I’ll be nice for all those who don’t want to see my ugly mug. I’ll be giving away something to a random viewer who posts their comments on Luxury Suite in the comment area. Leave a comment about Luxury Suite, get your chance to win a random card or two from the break. Simple as that.

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28 Responses to Review: 2010-11 Panini Luxury Suite Hockey

  1. RJ Reyes says:

    I’m wary of expensive boxes, but somehow they keep pulling me in. I think it’s cool to have no base cards, especially if you don’t like to sort base.

  2. Chris Cook says:

    Decent break… but the patches and sticks are what I’d be looking for.

    • I was REALLY hoping to pull a stick card to show off the beautiful colors added to the card. Sadly, I was not able to. But that Penguins dual patch is really nice, fat patch on the left.

  3. stl5 says:

    Those cards have a really sweet design! The on-card autographs make them even sweeter!!! Love to get some, but the high price of boxes throws me off even though i’ll know that i’ll get something good in return………hopefully

  4. That’s a nice Toews, and sweet Pens dual, this product definitely looks rough though

    • The Pens dual is really nice, has a fat patch in it. The Toews is a nice two color…I guess Panini calls multicolor jerseys prime. Very hit or miss, I just missed by a little bit 😛

  5. Racci13 says:

    I busted 2 boxes the day it was released and have to say I have never been so disappointed with $50/pack stuff. First box was missing an auto but had an extra plain rookie card. Bad start missing advertised content. Second box got a lot worse, 2 redemtions for autos, a patch card that had jersey not properly trapped in the card and another dual jersey card is completely missing the jersey, still has the card board stuck in the card where it should have been cut out. Terrible quality for this price range. The checklist is also very poor, you gave it a 4 I would say more like a 2. Matt Carkner? at $50 a pack? I suggest people save their money for UD Ultimate in 18 days.

    • If you are missing advertised content, I recommend going to the Panini website and filing a claim. The same with the missing jersey in the card. They will request some information and have you mail stuff out to them, but from my own personal experience, they do a good job with fixing that up. I was missing a hit from Certified and they sent me a Jordan Staal auto numbered to 50. Just for reference.

      The checklist is solid for the most part. You can’t always pull the best cards that will make your money back. It’s a gamble. If you pulled a Johnny T Private Signings I’m sure you wouldn’t have had such an issue with the checklist. Every product has the great pulls and the duds, just the way it goes. I did mention that I believed the Private Signings area needed more star power. There wasn’t much in there, so I don’t blame you for that subset. You can’t beat the possibilities for rookies though.

  6. Chris says:

    Very nice dual patch and Toews Jersey. I have seen a mix of good and bad. Sorry you didn’t hit any of the big guys but it could have been worse.

  7. Nathan says:

    Hmmm, missed this post. Happy Canada Day!

    I like the design of this product, but to be honest the price point is just a bit high for me. I’ll pick up a few Leafs singles if the opportunity arises but I can’t see myself buying a box.

  8. Design is definately up to par.. I just really love the direction cards are going in these days.

  9. Bruce Hallihan says:

    Luxury Suite has some nice designs, no quality control issues as far as I know (or have heard), but the price point is too high. This would be a great product at $100-$120 per box, but not at $180-$200, IMO. Thanks, Bruce

  10. Card Geeks says:

    I disagree man…5/5 design. I love it.

    • It’s just a tad bit repetitive and that logo in the top left is a little annoying too. So I can’t LOVE it, but it’s definitely one of the best of the year in hockey products.

  11. Rich Hancock says:

    As usual, I think Panini has done a great job with the design of the set and subsets. With Panini, the visual is never the problem….the problem is exactly what you identified….the lack of star punch. On the basketball side they have done wonders getting Blake Griffin alongside Kobe and K.D. but I haven’t seen the same kind of push in hockey. Awesome amount of Rookies and maybe in 5 years we’ll be saying JACKPOT! but at that pricepoint having a dud box isn’t good business. I’d buy ONE…but if I missed I wouldn’t buy another and I bought 3 cases of Certified basketball…if you don’t get the low # stuff you should at least be pulling a big name.

    • This is a great comment and I do agree completely. It might have something to do with an exclusive NBA contract, but if Panini starts getting exclusive hockey players to sign only their products…we might see that extra star power soon.

  12. Daddyoho says:

    Good review. Looks like a sweet product.

  13. Wilf says:

    Bonus points for on card autos.

  14. Shane.K says:

    I think you assessed the product very accurately. You certainly pulled some beautiful cards out too!

  15. Dawgbones says:

    I think these are some very nice looking cards, but at $10+ per card and 4 cards per pack, it is way out of my meager card budget. I’ll just have to live vicariously through guys like you, unless I win one here and there.
    Very nice write-up as well on this review..

  16. BA Benny says:

    Good looking cards with a sweet design. Like Dawgbnones, I am not budgeted for high end stuff like this, especially since I am an Islanders and Rangers collector only but if I was a bit richer I would take a run at a box or two.

  17. nick bankuti says:

    great looking cards game used awesome the rookie designs are cool auto designs okay but love them great set of cards man

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