Contest: First Sports Card Blog Contest

The time has come for the first Sports Card Blog contest.

After a record breaking almost 600 views to Sports Card Blog on June 1st, 2011, I am rewarding my viewers with the possibilities of fabulous prizes. Of course, everyone wants to know what these fabulous prizes will be. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out below.

For those who can’t view YouTube while at work or wish to not see my ugly mug, here is a breakdown of the current prizes available.

– 20 card base lot

-10 card insert lot

-1 game used card

-1 autograph card

-1 autographed 8×10

-1 Fathead Tradeable

-Mystery Box (containing autographs, game used, sports swag, terrible cards, or anything related to sports)

-Your Choice

You really need to see the video if you are confused now. If you are still at work, that’s fine. But you can always just cover up my ugly mug until I go into first person mode with the camera.

You will be spinning my “Wheel of Prizes” (name pending). Or I will, but you will tell me how to spin. Light, Medium, or Hard. This is how the majority Sports Card Blog prizes will be given out.


-1 Entry Per Household/Person (Don’t bogart the prizes)

-You must post a comment to this post – One comment equal 1 entry – Please also post how hard you would like me to spin!

-Winners will be picked via Random.ORG for the spin of the wheel

-If a prize that requires a random number to be drawn wins, I will spin the wheel again for the random number. That random number will determine your prizes from the stack. For instance, 10 card insert lot. If a 3 is rolled, you get every 3rd card from the stack until you get 10 inserts.

-If the base lot is won, I will email you for your address and a 3 team request. All or one of those teams will be in your lot. If I run out of that team, I reserve the right to throw in randoms. (Especially basketball, don’t have many basketball cards currently)

-You may enter immediately, however, entries are closed on Sunday, June 5th, 2011, at 11:59PM PST. That gives you about 2 and a half days.

-Bonus Entry: Because of my record setting view day, I am rewarding the members of Freedom Cardboard a bonus entry if you post your Freedom Cardboard username and it checks out. Why am I rewarding them? Over 200 Freedom Cardboard members clicked on a link to my blog, beating out everywhere else I posted. If you have not joined Freedom Cardboard, make sure you join them today using this link for your bonus entry.

-More Winners? If 20+ different people enter this contest I will award 1 extra prize for each 10 additional people (up to 10 total prizes). So tell your friends.

That’s about it. Everything will be recorded and posted hopefully on Monday or Tuesday.

Also, if you wish to be creative and think of a name for the spinning prize wheel, that would be great. Get your comments in now!

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38 Responses to Contest: First Sports Card Blog Contest

  1. Max says:

    If I win spin it hard for me.

  2. Great accomplishment on the high number of views! Hope to see more videos. You can sauce that wheel with premium speed.(Let your imagination interpret it)

  3. Alex Vegh says:

    Hey it’s AlexTheGr8 from CnC. Spin hard for me!

  4. Eric says:

    Hey man this is ManInTheMirror from FCB!!! Congrats on all the success.

  5. Dustan says:

    sounds like fun, thanks for the contest! I’m Junior Griffey on FCB.

  6. Josh says:


  7. Steve Herberman says:

    Hey its ovirules8 on CnC ans CapsPuck8 on youtube. Spin hard!

  8. Austin Heath says:

    per others, this is MajorCollector. :)

  9. Thanks for the contest.
    If I win – I’ll make it difficult and make you figure out what “medium” entails.

    FCB – rymflaherty

  10. Greg holland says:

    Spin that wheel so the center pin breaks off! This is really cool you’re doing this. Who’s everyone’s fav MLB team and player? Mine: Heyward, Braves

  11. Tyrone Shaw says:

    hey man thanks for the contest, i am leafsfan81 from CnC! if i win spin it really hard for me!

  12. Daniel says:

    Hey Thanks for the contest, it’s tmlfan1996 from CNC :)

  13. Chris says:

    Thanks for the contest!

    FCB: chisox2008

  14. George says:


  15. Nathan says:

    Woohoo, great contest, I’m in for sure.

    Spin the wheel hard for me if I win it!

    Also, my name is Pogu on FCB, although I don’t post much.

    P.S. I’d also like you to put that sombrero in my prize package if I win.

  16. Play at the Plate says:

    Spin it like you mean it. I wanna win the “Big Wheel Bonus”

  17. kyle smith says:

    Hey this is Meltdown16 from CloutsnChara.Thanks for the contest!

  18. Spin ‘er hard; put it in orbit

  19. NORD says:

    NORD here from SCF,HI,CnC,Beckett,spin the crap out of it!

  20. James Samsom says:

    Hey Spin that Wheel…
    I’m gonna’ make you feel…
    Hey DJ
    Spin that wheel…. Ahhhh 90s rap, so bad… LOL

    Thanks for the contest!

  21. The Diamond King says:

    OOOOOHHHHH, yeah! How bout the Macho Man Randy Savage Memorial Wheel O’ Prizes. I love excessively long names in contests!

  22. Marty says:

    Thanks for the contest!

  23. Johnny G says:

    Thanks for the contest and congrats. Spin that thing wicked fast. Oh yeah, I’m Johnny G from FCB.

  24. Patrick Y says:

    tell em THETorontoRaptor sent u.

    and thanks for the contest

    EDIT: Removing link to that site

  25. John A. says:

    Thanks for the contest. Hullfan from FCB!!!

  26. James W says:

    David46Krejci from CnC here, thanks for the contest.

  27. Ryan says:

    Great blog, great concept for a contest and spin that wheel “Showcase Showdown”-style for me, SCB!!! I’ve enjoyed the blog immensely since I recently found the hobby again after a 20 year hiatus. Having a son will do that to you, I guess! It’s good to be back. I just joined Freedom, too, as ryanlamonica (but I think they have to confirm?).

    Anyways, thanks and keep the good posts coming.

    • Awesome, glad to see you joined an online community too. There are plenty of them around, I’d join them all! It may seem like a tall feat at first since you’re just getting back in, but each one has great things about it that others don’t have. (That will be a post for another day!)

      Hope you got my tweet about the PS3 games too.

  28. Tabor McComiskey says:

    Hey, was just checking out the C & C site, only been into the card collecting thing for a few months, but spin it hard if I win a chance. p_rapids on C & C site btw. Thx.

  29. Natasha says:

    Awesome contest! Barely spin if I win!

  30. Dawgbones says:

    If I make it in, Spin it hard for the first round and medium for the next if required. Thanks for a GReat contest.

  31. Dawgbones says:

    I’ve also joined Freedom Cardboard, username dawgbones of course. Thanks again.

  32. I think I just made it in time. Please spin it soft and gentle for me.

  33. The contest is now closed. And with 31 total entries that means we are giving away 3 prizes.

    I’m doing some slight modifications to the prize wheel Monday, so hopefully I’ll be able to spin it up. The bolt in the back is a little small in length for the locking nut to fit with the washers so it keeps getting too tight or too loose which makes the spinning uneven. I just need the materials and hopefully I get a chance to pick them up.

    I’ll be doing more mods soon, but I was excited to get it out there for this weekend in celebration.

    Good luck everyone.

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